Eco friendly rakhi online is a blessing for all the siblings out there. But, again,this Raksha Bandhan will be like the last Raksha Bandhan, where all the loving brothers and sisters will not unite. Rakshabandhan is dedicated to celebrating the precious bond between siblings. Still, due to the current pandemic situation,we will not celebrate it as ‘not travelling and not meeting’ is the new usual way to show love.

Due to this pandemic, all our plans to celebrate the bond of love with our brothers have failed , but then it has paved new ways for celebration. So innovatively order eco friendly rakhi for your loving brother for this RakshaBandhan.


Eco friendly rakhi online will be delivered at the doorstep of your brother wrapped in oodles of love and sweet memories from you to him. Every sister ties the sacred thread around the wrists of their brother to protect them from dangers The brothers, in return, pledge to protect the sisters from all dangers. In the present scenario, it is the deadly virus that is harming everyone more than anything else. Thus, it is wise to stay home and deliver eco-friendly rakhi online to protect them from all the hardships that otherwise the virus could bestow.



Another thing and the most important reason to opt for Eco friendly rakhi online is to protect the environment as we owe it to the environment. The usual rakhi is made of toxic materials like metal, plastic or synthetic fibres that cannot be recycled or reused. Our family and brother are a part of the environment; any harm caused to the environment is harm that we are indirectly causing to them.Research has been conducted on this aspect, and, sadly, we are not responsible for our behaviours towards the environment. Eco friendly rakhi online is a small step towards conserving the environment and protecting it from further damage. Thus in a way, we will help our brother to breathe in the pure air or drink naturally safe water all free from toxins.


Non-eco friendly rakhis cause the environment to suffer for ages, and this is a sad fact. The environment has microorganisms that eat or decompose our trash and keep the environment pollution free. However, every year, in the name of celebrations, we use rakhis that do not decompose. Instead, it takes thousands of years to decompose, emitting harmful toxins that pollute the air.


As responsible human beings and a part of nature, we need to be careful and save the environment; thus, biodegradable rakhi will do the job. Moreover, Ecofriendly rakhi will not contribute to pollution and not add further pressure to the already overburdened landfill. Thus as a responsible sister, make sure that you give your brother a clean and pollution-free environment so that he grows and thrives in a healthy environment.


Therefore, celebrate the bond between siblings by sending your token of love to your brother in the form of eco-friendly rakhi online.



7 thoughts on “Celebrate Rakshabandhan with Eco friendly Rakhi- Go Green

  1. That was a nice idea of Eco friendly rakhi. Ecofriendly rakhi will not contribute to pollution and its good too.

  2. I heard of this concept for the first time and I absolutely loved it. I am grow plants in my balcony and keep searching for such unique ideas. I will try to use them this year.

  3. Rakhi is a big festival in India and it’s so good to see that we are ready to go green for it. Will check this site and order too.

  4. I really love this concept of Eco-friendly Rakhis. For so many years now we have been wreaking havoc on our environment and natural systems, it is high time we individually and as part of bigger organizations did our bit to help in sustaining the environment.


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