hamleys north pole setup at dlf mall of india

Christmas is around the corner and Delhites are all set to celebrate this festival with great zeal. What you love about celebrating Christmas with your kids? Decorations, cakes, cookies or Santa? Well, i like gifting toys to my kids and they love playing it. The toys are fun making for the kids and they love it playing at least for the first few days. In fact, toys are the simulator which tells kids about daily life things but it is very important to select the appropriate toy for your kid. … So keeping this in mind on 10th December DLF Mall Of India (Noida)  hosted the city’s biggest Christmas carnival in association with HAMLEY’S “The finest toy shop in the world” .For this event, the DLF mall is transformed into the winter wonderland; there is a North Pole setup at the ground floor of the mall which is the main attraction for everyone and a selfie point where every- one would like to take their pictures.

My daughter Jahnvi posing at north pole setup


The event was witnessed the presence of special guest; celebrity Mommy Riddhima Kapoor Sahni with  her cute princess Samara who unveiled the huge gift box from which real life emerging characters came out .It was worth to wait as the box was full of surprise elements, all the kids there loved the dancing characters which came out of the box to perform and entertained them with their funny actions.


surprise characters came out from huge box

For kids special activity called “Letter To Santa” is going at Hamley’s store till 25th December where kids can write their wish for Christmas on the card and if they are lucky, Santa will come to their place and  fulfill their wish, isn’t it great? So, if you are heading to the DLF mall with your kids don’t forget to write a letter to Santa and gift your kids the happiness which they truly deserve.


samara daughter of riddhima kapoor writing letter to santa at dlf mall of india
Baby Samara writing letter to Santa


Hamley’s store is also decorated beautifully for the December festivities, there are huge varieties of games and toys  for every age group , all toys are curated and specially designed to improve kid’s development and motor skills. There are many sample toys around the store corner where kids can play and decide whether they want to buy it or not.


So, what are you waiting for!!   Visit DLF Mall of India one of India’s biggest and largest shopping mall located at Sector 18 Noida. It is a destination mall, which encapsulates shopping along with food & entertainment experience.

with celebrity mommy Riddhima Kapoor Sahni




17 thoughts on “Christmas Celebration At HAMLEY’S, DLF Mall Of India (NOIDA)

  1. Wow love this winter wonderland concept looks like so much fun so wish I could be there and enjoyed it myself ..hope u and ur family have great time 🙂

  2. Hamleys is known for such grand celebration of the various festivals related to kids. So happy to see the decor and how they are all set to have some fun with the customers coming in.


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