What is the best progress? Yes, it is the improvement that you make from your previous better version. This is exactly what pampers did. Since eight years from the birth of my elder daughter, I had started to use this product and was always satisfied and happy with it. No cranky baby, no sleepless nights, no rashes, soft on the skin and absolutely no chemicals. Still, the company made progress and innovated yet another pampers for the babies.

As a blogger, I was invited to the grand event of the inauguration of the all New Pampers Premium Care Pants. I was already smitten by the company and was actually shocked that what new could they have added to the product. I mean, was there any space for improvement? Still, I went there and was left in utter disbelief that some products could excel themselves. The company wanted us to make an informed decision and helped us to test the product and present a full and detailed information regarding the additional features that have been added to the product. The company left no stone unturned to help us understand the new features of the product.

The advancement or the progress that it has made is commendable. The features of the New Pampers Premium Care Pants imbibed in it that will compel you to use it are as follows:

  1. Immense Softness – a baby has very soft and fragile skin and thus the products that are used on them should be equally soft. The diaper is exceptionally soft on the inside and also on the belt and leg cuff area. We were handed the pants so that we could actually touch and feel the softness and, trust me, it would just not be an exaggeration to say that it was as soft as the skin of a baby.
  2. Breathability – now this is the key feature that compels me to buy the product. It is a highly breathable pant and, as the name of the product has the word care in it, actually lives up to the name. We were given hot water to pour on the pants and then place a glass on it to see if the moisture gets trapped there. Now, if a brand goes to this extent for making us believe about it being genuine not just by certifications but first-hand experiments and demonstrations, you need to believe it.
  3. Wetness Indicator – The diaper understands the worries of a mother and comes with a wetness indicator that turns blue when wet. Again, we did a demo and saw it for real. Thus voila! what else? No more peeking every second in the pants! The indicator is there to help you. I can see all the moms shining and grinning with happiness and relief.
  4. Disposal Tape – while traveling or even at home, I prefer disposing my baby’s used diaper in the most apt way. Thus, with this disposal tape, you wrap it and throw it. Again, we used the disposal tape and saw the benefit of the tape and it’s worthwhile disposing the diaper.
  5. Superior Absorption – the air channels evenly distribute wetness and let the air pass between the diaper and the skin of the baby. We actually saw the three channel shapes inside the diaper while pouring the water. I was swept off my feet to see the immense technology that actually goes in the making of diaper pants for our little ones.
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Thus, carrying its previous legacy forward, the company added more to the New Pampers Premium Care products and making it all the more trustworthy and comfortable for our little ones. It has the aloe vera lotion that protects the skin and nourishes it too. It protects the skin from irritation and rashes also. A happy baby means a happy mom, and with this care pants, I am sure that my baby will be as comfortable as she is in my arms.


The all new pampers is definitely a bang on diaper for the little one. The quality is truly of international standards.












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