bye bye 2017,welcome 2018

Off lately there is one type of videos doing rounds on social media site and that is your year 2017 in review. We could not stop ourselves from sharing those beautiful memories with our loved ones. Smiling faces, happy moments definitely overcome all the low tides from the year. Thanks to team Facebook for compiling those charming moments and helping us end the year on a good note as they say “All is well that ends well”.



You control your future, your destiny true that as a year comes to an end we start a celebration, a truly beautiful one. Packages from salons, spas or health centers are on full swing. Shopping malls all beautifully decorated, theme party invitations sent out, in short the festive season or the party season has begun. Deep down if you ponder what are celebrating or getting decked up to celebrate the end of a year. This implies that all ends are worth celebrating, but why? The simple basic answer is what ends will soon after begin also. That is beautiful, a flower that withers away gives place to a new beautiful bud. This is life every thing that ends gives place to a new beautiful beginning. Failures end an expedition but do not they leave you full of memories that too inspirational ones. You learn and that is what gives true happiness. Learning something all your life is a state of mind that one should be in. As this is the key to happiness and success.


We all make resolutions for the New Year and this is what motivates us, professionally or personally. No matter what your goals are for the coming year, get inspired by the celebrations that you have as you wrap the year. Intoxicate yourself in the anticipation of success and prosperity. Make efforts with all your heart, you could fail, but it is simply the beginning and this time with more intelligence and diligence. Commit to make this year your best year yet, a year that will bring you closer to achieving your personal and professional goals.


Thus get set for a fresh start, begin a new and with renewed vigor. Time to make resolutions, visualize goals and move towards success, growth and change.

Goal are dreams with deadlines, and the deadline is the end of the new year 2018, but that is not the end as again a new beautiful beginning awaits you.


Believe and believe to start a new beginning. As you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. As you dream, dream to be a better man, every new year transforms you or aspires you become better and rise higher.


2017 was bright and beautiful but promise yourself that 2018 will be all the more better. Cherish the years passing by and enjoy each and every moment that you spend with your loved ones.



19 thoughts on “We Are So Close To The Year End; Trust 2017 Has Been Nice To You.

  1. I had an amazing experience. Yes there were ups and down both in 2017. Hope to have a great year 2018 for all. May peace prevail on this planet.

  2. I think 2017 give me a lot of careers and it brings me a lot of happiness and learns more as an individual. and I am thankful for it.


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