Plant based protein powder or the organic protein is a widely studied health supplement and this is for all good reasons. Plant based Protein Powders are rich in nutritional value and have many health benefits. The best part of plant based protein is that is it is soy-free, GMO-free, 100 dairy-free, contains no synthetic or additives or even artificial sweeteners. Importantly apart from the health benefits that it gives it is also beneficial as it tastes good and has a beautiful texture. Unlike protein from whey or animals which is not easy to digest or have side effects or even due to environmental or religious reasons, people prefer not consuming it. Plant based protein has no such feelings associated with them.


Plant based protein powder has numerous health benefits few of them are follows:


  • Weight loss- Plant based protein powder helps in controlling and reducing weight. Of the three macronutrients that make up the diet, it is a protein that helps in weight loss. It helps you to stay fuller and therefore there is no binge eating or snacking and thus weight loss occurs. Plant based protein is also low in fats and therefore does not increase the fat in your diet and thereby reduces weight. They are low in calories and help to control your weight.


  • No side effects- There could be several allergies due to other sources of protein but not plant based proteins. They are easy to digest and they also help in controlling the diseases that could arise due to obesity. Plant based protein powder helps in reducing cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, total cholesterol, hormones and other threats to heart issues. They also don’t contribute to allergies or gas or bloating.


  • Fibrous meal- Plants are rich in fibre and thus the protein that is derived from them is rich in fibre. Having fibre rich food helps you to stay full for longer and runs the digestive system smoothly. By staying full for longer if there is any eating disorder then that can be rectified with the help of plant based protein powder. It thereby helps in staying healthy and lean.


  • Easy to absorb- Plant based protein powder helps in easy digestion. The body can therefore help in better cell growth and repairs the muscles and tissues.


  • A better source of good fats and iron- There are micronutrients present in plant based protein powder such as healthy fats and iron. Healthy fats help in better absorption of important vitamins and other minerals. Also, protein from plants is a rich source of iron and fulfils 35% of our daily iron requirements. In animal-based protein, there is no iron and therefore it is not as beneficial as the natural plant based protein.


  • Alkalizing qualities- The plant based protein has alkalizing properties and keeps the pH levels of the body in check. Thus any pH irregularities are controlled and alkalinity is kept in check.


So with such amazing benefits and advantages, do switch to plant based protein powders and stay fit and healthy.


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41 thoughts on “Benefits and advantages of plant based protein powder

  1. I have been thinking of starting with a good plant based protein powder. Thanks for enlightening on the subject; didnt know this much.

  2. I have a weight problem and plant-based proteins definitely seem to be an ideal source of protein for me. Mainly you also say it has a good taste and texture which makes it a very good substitute for animal-based proteins.

  3. I have never used plant based protein powder before. I use organic products but never thought of using it for Protein Powder. Will surely give it a try now. Thanks for the information.

  4. Vegetarians typically draw the short straw when it comes to protein intake, so these are certainly a good supplement to add to the diet. Thanks for sharing the details about how plant proteins really benefit.

  5. This is a helpful post and informative. I wasnt aware that such powders are readily available. and there is only so much whey and paneer one can have 🙂
    any particular powder you would recommend?

  6. My mother has it as she has got weight issues but it seems quite effective. These are the good substitute of animal proteins. Will try suggesting them to my hubby for weight reduction.

  7. I’ve never tried plant based protein powder. This has so many benefits. #MyFriendAlexa

  8. Although it was new to me, I really enjoyed the pack of information. Seems a really healthy substitute to other sources of protein.

  9. I haven’t tried any plant based protein powder yet , but now want to , will check, thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. If we are really conscious of our health we need to make more of such lifestyle choices and consume things that are free from any kind of preservatives and are as natural as possible. Nice listing of benefits. Good post. Like your domain name…it is so catchy and easy to remember.

    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  11. I have been having Oziva’s plant-based collagen powder not with the intention of weight loss but for Postpartum hair loss and I must say with my experience it does work.

  12. This is a detailed post about the benefits of plant-based proteins. I agree they are good for overall health.


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