Being a mother of two kids, I do realize the importance of good health and good habits. A
healthy body paves the way to a healthy life and healthy mind. Thus I often encourage my
kids to eat healthy and also exercise regularly. I know eating healthy depends on me as I am
the head chef at home. I pick only nutritionally rich food items and cook the meals. I ensure
that they eat a well balanced meal.

For Ensuring a good exercise regime I follow the same. I workout regularly. I make it a point
to do some form of workout so that they are inspired and they also do the same. I got a
smart watch for myself and see to it that i take 10,000 steps to the minimum on a daily basis. It is not easy but then if you have the best gadgets, clothing and shoes it becomes easier. The best investment that I had ever made was in buying the most incredible Hummel Sports legend blue shoe and the most comfortable but smart looking tee shirt from Hummel. Ever since I bought them they have become my best friends. We are true companions and I am wearing them round the clock. They have proved their worth, the brand Hummel understands the requirements of their customers who are fitness enthusiasts.

There is a new category of clothes called as athleisure and it is the best as it helps me stay on my toes. There is no exaggeration in claiming that love and acceptance for activewear and athleisure is growing constantly. The fact that you can look good, smart, confident, fashionable and above all be comfortable at the same time then it is a win-win situation. I can wear my leggings and the most comfortable tee even when I am running my errands or moving to and fro for my kids. I love the fact that Hummel has seen me lose weight, it was a journey where the not so confident me was trying to hit the mat. However it only got easier. The tee is like skin and it covers the body as if giving the bear like hug. It is air dry and has cooling features thus the sweat dries and it looks presentable all the time. Before the workout or post workout i look ready for the clicks, no wonder with the blue tee i have the best gym look. Coming to the shoes I am totally bouncing.

I take 10,000 steps daily but even apart from it I need to walk a lot for groceries or bringing my kids from school or for the other chores. It was unable to get hold of the best pair of shoes. To my rescue came the Hummel shoes. They fit so well. Supports the heels thus even when i am running around or jogging they carry me swiftly. Walking gets easier with my Hummel shoes. It was the best decision to buy these products and give time for my workout regime.




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