Name, fame, and money are considered as parameters of success and happiness in life, but is it so? Time has changed the amount of stress and uncertainty that has engulfed all of us including kids of two or three years is immense. We are so overwhelmed that we tend to lose our own voice. it is strange but true in the earlier times when people did not had the right to express their feelings or voice their thoughts. The present scenario is that we have the right to speech and freedom to express our feeling, with people sitting in the part of the goal yet we fail to talk and others fail to listen. strange irony of life we are claiming that whole world is our home but then in this huge home we could not make a den or cozy corner for ourselves.

Mental health was a taboo and still it is, we fear talking about it let alone be the fact of acceptance. We have fake identities to show our composed and calm nature to the outside world, and the turbulence that is within us is never addressed it is just suppressed. Waking up to answer the calls from some strange acquaintance has become so strong that we live in the constant pressure of being connected. However, to answer the call of our mental state or emotional needs has evaporated in thin air. We are promoting constant multitasking abilities, being on the run, not wasting a second, being visible and in the picture always that our real zeal to live life has melted away.


The society of which we are a part of has certain set rules, the parameters of success, that we strive madly to achieve them. we dream to make it big, larger than life dreams but then is it even worth the effort. Cause it is the race you are anyways going to lose it in spite of ranking first on the podium. It is good to dream but then dreams should not only be about the worldly pleasures or the materials, which will go in the trash one day. Rather life should be about being contented. There are people who claim with immense pleasure that they sleep only for two to three hours a day and are working constantly but why? Taking a break and doing nothing but just admiring the nature, viewing the rising and setting Sun, or the drops of dews on flowers, the blooming of flowers, connecting to the sounds or nature, the chirping of birds, lending a helping hand to someone who needs is, also or rather more important.


What are we trying to prove with whom are we competing? Ourselves or our counterparts and winning are important but did we decide the sacrifices that will be made would also be the victory. For our kids also we need to ascertain and accomplish our dreams fly high and still stay grounded.

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9 thoughts on “Need of the hour focus on mental health

  1. The parameters of success and happiness surely seem to have changed. Hope we evolve simultaneously to keep the sanity of humanity going.
    Very insightful post.

  2. You are absolutely right that to focus on mental health is the need of the hour. With the pandemic around the humanity is facing scenes never experienced by the current lot and it is having a severe impact on the mental health. Keep writing and keep spreading awareness.

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  3. Yes, if you play by everyone else’s definition of success and similar things, at some point you will be exhausted and feels like giving up. Instead we have to define our own success and be content with our decisions in life without getting into the rat race and start the comparison game. Once we are able to achieve that a sense of peace comes to our mind, I believe. This will definitely improve the mental health. I totally agree with you.

  4. Always try to share true feelings with atleast one person. If not then take help from online counselling. We think we can cope but always its not possible Be strong.


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