The cucumber and coriander leaves detox drink- simply in a pitcher full of water pour sliced cucumber, and coriander leaves. Let it sit overnight and in the morning you can kick start your day with it. It is truly refreshing and it helps to boost your immune. It is totally yummy drink.

cucumber and coriander detox drink के लिए इमेज परिणाम

The citrus detox drink- the glass of water with and infuse it with any citrus fruit like oranges, lemons, sweet limes or lime and enjoy a drink that will leave you refreshed you can enjoy it as it is or load it further with mint leaves for added kick of freshness. The drink is full of Vitamin C and in this scorching heat it will detox and cool you.


The apple detox drink- this drink when I first had in a hotel it was a complete new love for me as apples till date was need a way to keep the doctor away but including apple in this delicious format was a win –win point for me as I no longer sulked while eating it and it was the healthy drink for me.

apple detox water के लिए इमेज परिणाम

The ginger- carrot detox drink- again in a pitcher of water I put slices of carrots and ginger and enjoy it all day long. Carrot is full of carotene and fibers and ginger aids in digestion, thus after every party I simply enjoy my glass of this detox water.


Coconut water with mint- the two most loved and recommended things that aid in refreshing you. Nothing is more soothing than the coconut water and it is full of electrolytes thus it is a complete yay to it. A chilled glass of coconut water with a tinge of mint leaves is serene.


I rotate my detox drinks and for each day I have a new detox drink and I simply cannot think of a day where I have not sipped in my detox drinks. Rather even on holiday I try to have them as they are made with great ease. It will not be a exaggeration to say that my mason jar, detox drink and me are the best combination.

It is important to detox your body but simultaneously the importance of emotional detox cannot be denied. Today the stress levels are increasing. We all are under the burden of so many emotions that simply go unanswered. There is inner chaos in life, which is affecting our health and suffocating us. Emotional detox is not a getting rid of negative emotions but also getting clear of the emotions that get stagnated. Women tend to detox emotionally as we are cool about sharing our emotions and have confidante, but it is not so for male members. The men in our lives try to keep their issues up to them. The work tensions, family issues or the EMIs, or the issue of balancing work and family life, or the lack of me time, is just restricted to them, but the need of hour is that they need to speak up and detox themselves emotionally. Emotional detox will help us to experience every emotion in a better way. Thus indulge in some hobbies, sports, yoga, meditation, dance, or music find your calling to detox yourself both emotionally and physically.

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