Apr 03

Cervical Cancer Vaccine :The Best Gift For Your Daughter’s Tenth Birthday

The other day I was at the clinic of pediatrician for the regular vaccination of my  younger one. While I was waiting for my turn, my eyes fell on the pamphlet that had the interesting caption and read as “ the best gift for your daughter’s tenth birthday”, I was curious to know the details […]
Mar 05

The All New Avatar Of Pediasure, With The Same Old Goodness. #UnboxGrowth

PediaSure has been a part of my life since my elder kiddo turned two. Making the kids eat is a task, they may eat but getting the maximum nutrition from the food so eaten is still a question and owing to high levels of pollution in Delhi NCR I need to make sure that her […]
Jan 14

Personal Injury: Risk and Factor along with associated Compensation that you need to know

Personal injury is inevitable and at some point of time we have faced it or lets say do we not dread it, so there is the need to compensate the loss suffered due to personal injury.
Sep 26

Dealing with Hirsutism in PCOS Patients – the Smart Metabolic Way

Hirsutism is a common scenario in women who are affected with PCOS. Due to hirsutism, a case of excessive hair growth in certain parts of the body like face, chest etc. occurs.
Sep 13

DO NOT PAUSE WITH MENOPAUSE : Menopause Symptoms And Precautions

Technically menopause is a phase of woman’s life where her periods come to an end. It is a turning phase of her life, a very part of her existence is taken away from her. Periods and a lady’s life are closely or let’s say it is inter related. Getting the first period, missing it or […]
Sep 05


Monsoons and mosquitoes go hand in hand, and as much as I love sipping hot steaming tea with plate of bhajiyas sitting in my balcony, and letting the cool breeze and soft drizzle to enter and chill home, the unwanted guests also come in. Yes the mosquitoes are in my home disturbing the scenic beauty […]
Apr 13

Beat The Heat, In An All Natural Way

The scorching summer heat can cause a heat stroke or sun stroke even in a healthy person. The heat from sun just extracts away all your energy and leaves you feeling exhausted and lethargic. It could result in extreme case of dehydration and cause Sun stroke or heat stroke. Sun stroke can easily progress in […]
Jan 14

How To Make Fitness A Habit

Finally you have understood the benefits of fitness and want to incorporate it in your permanent habit.  We all often hear that making exercise a habit is the best way to stick with it  but a million dollar question is how to implement this. You have multiple of options like hitting the gym or doing […]
Jan 08

All About Vitamin D.

Just few months back when I came to know about insufficiency of Vitamin D in my body , I started searching about vitamin D on Google and also consulted with my physician to take help; today I am writing what info I have collected, so if you guys have any questions regarding Vitamin D this […]
Dec 29

5 Super Foods To Boost Immunity In Winters

Hello Everyone!! Welcome to the Winter Express – Blog Train where 33 awesome bloggers write about different topics related to this beautiful winter season from their own unique perspectives. Expect tips and tricks, recipes, stories, cherished memories and many more.  Don’t miss to join this magical ride with our Winter Express. This blog train is […]