Mommy, daughter, wife, sister, home maker and blogger all but I no particular order. This is me and I love it to the core, however when I become a blogger I feel myself to be connected with all the other roles of my life. Being a blogger gets me much closer to be a mother, daughter, wife and home maker, but somewhere in the middle I stop being a good blogger as being a mother, wife, and homemaker stops or distracts my focus from the blog.

I somehow end up in neglecting my blog howsoever I regret it and try to change the situation it just does not change. No amount of strong will power or resolutions or the rewards can make me in getting consistent for writing on my blog. I neither write nor read new blog feeds and I regret it to the core. The damage has been done and it kills me but alas all in vain.

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Thus I took this challenge of A to Z blogchatter challenge  so that I get the push or lets admit the kick to write  blogs and also read blogs in a disciplined way. Learning something new and changing is the only constant in life and I truly believe in this. Thus keeping this fact in mind I take up this challenge and start this challenge. For the next 26 days I will write blogs from the letters of English alphabet that is A to Z.


Why the A to Z challenge?

When we start our educational journey we are taught A to Z. it is same for all A for Apple, B for ball and so on. Since time immemorial A to Z has remained the same and for all generations it is the same, but then as I said change is the only constant and we need to change to survive and thus this new A to Z. the mother in me is happy as my younger one can recite A to Z in the same tune as I did and this is appreciable. However for the grown ups like us it is required that we learn something new each day, each moment like our little ones as reduce our stress levels and make our otherwise dull monotonous life a bit more colorful with the new hues and new learning of the same old A to Z.


From a carefree girl to being a wife and now a mother we have learned so much but then now it is the chance to learn the same the A TO Z in a whole new way. Thus learn something new and unleash the new power and potential in you that well deserves top be applauded.


What will be there in this challenge to for?

Each day will be new and will give you some food for thought, or some recipe to cook, or just a new destination to travel, or a few tit bits from my life. Therefore I ask all of you to join me in my new my journey and learn the new A to Z. I would be more happy if you guys suggest me what you want to read on my blog so please don’t forget to drop your suggestions in the comment box.

Staytuned to read my next post tomorrow from albhabet “B”



2 thoughts on “All about #BlogchatterA2ZChallenge : Unlearn The Alphabets

  1. Nothing can be better than this post to start the challenge. M glued to your blog for every upcoming post that comes from your experience as a mom, wife, sister, daughter and ofcourse blogger❤


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