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Winter is  on it’s peak and it’s time to give more attention to our skin as winter sucks all the moisture and leaves skin dry and coarse. we have so many choice in body lotions but finding a good face cream for winters is always a big task and if you are looking for chemical free products than its more difficult . Just few weeks ago I came to know about  Mirah Belle Winter Face Cream , it is a new brand for me but i was very impressed with its natural ingredients , I am using it from past 20 days and now sharing my view  from my personal experience.

mirah belle winter face cream

mirah belle winter face cream

Price – 320 /- for 50 gm

Shelf  life – 1 year

Availability- This product is available online  on Mirah belle official site , Flipkart and snapdeal.

Packaging – It is safely packed in glass jar with inner plastic lid to prevent any spillage and have metallic screw cap outside it looks really classy and it is very handy even can fit in your sling bag.


Palmarosa essential oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E oil, Cherry Blossom fragrance oil , Cream Base.

About Mirah Belle Winter Face Cream-

mirah belle winter face cream

The cream is white in color and has a smooth creamy texture ,fragrance is quite flowery .It is completely a  chemical free product made from natural extracted oils which are best for skin and have no side effects it can be used as day and night cream,it  –

  • Deeply Moisturizes skin
  • Repairs skin damage caused by cold winds
  • suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin
  • prevents itchiness caused due to winters
  • made for all skin types


My Verdict

I really loved this product for my combination skin ,I take a pea size amount and apply on washed face twice a day, it easily blends on my skin without leaving any tackiness which is the major concern for me  with cold creams !! It makes  skin soft, smooth and give a natural look ,Keeps skin hydrated  for about 8-10 hours . It’s a nice product in this pocket friendly budget ,I am very happy with it’s results and must recommend others .

You can also check their Instagram page here

Hope this review will be helpful for you all, don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions.

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27 thoughts on “Mirah Belle Winter Face Cream Review

  1. Finally i found best face cream for winter. I tried lots of winter face cream brand but results are zero. Thanks a ton.

  2. Well this cream seems to be working as it lasts for around 7-10 hours which is a good span, thanks for sharing about it!

  3. This product sounds too good..and that too at an affordable price. But I really wish they had the complete range of ingredients. If this is really without preservatives then this is a very good option to buy!

  4. I have dry skin and hence winter skin care is very essential.. this cream sounds good .. will definite try this ..

  5. It looks like a great product to use and perfect for a skin moisturizer. Where did you buy it?? I really want to try that cream.

    1. Hi dear, u can buy it directly from their official site… It is also available on snapdeal and Flipkart.

  6. Wow thanks for sharing about this really effective cream that works effectively for a long time. I’m so gonna get this.


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