new year party ideas at home

Fabulous themed party ideas to help you ring in 2018 with a bang. Welcoming a new year is similar to hitting the restart button. Time to bid adieu to last year’s trials and tribulations and focus our positive zeal on creating a positive experience for the months to come. Nothing is better than hitting a massive party to say bye to the year that comes to an end.


Every person has a different idea to celebrate the new year. Some prefer to dance all night in pretty dresses while few opt for intimate night in or dinner at a quaint restaurant. The above options rock but they miss out on group element of the party or cast a fortune. Thus this year start the new year perfectly by hosting a fabulous party at home, a themed extravaganza that your friends and you will never forget. Thus for the night well spent here are a few ideas.


1. Black light party-

black light party idea

Are you missing the craziness of the clubs on New Year’s eve thus without much expenses convert your home in a full blown rave with a black light party. Ask your guests to come dressed in light colored or white dresses and serve neutral toned food like hummus, cheese dips and boozy milkshakes that will give an eerie glow in the purple lighting. Start the fun with highlighters, glow bracelets, black light bubbles, black light reactive ping pong balls, and similar crockery also to bash a blast.


2. Black and White Ball-

black and white party ideas

A classy way to enter the new year. An evergreen way to start the new year in the infamous Black and White Ball. Ask the guests to be dressed up in black and white. For the décor opt for deep red tablecloths, and white dishes. Try to serve food like black forest cake, vegetable au gratin, mashed potatoes, paneer on skewers or oreo delights to blend in well with the theme.


3. Bonfire party-

bonfire party ideas

A soft, subtle yet best way to end the year. Set a simple bonfire, with close friends and family and talk about the sweet memories of the year gone and the aspirations of the year to come. Set a barbeque for food and indulge in dumb shades or some musical games to go with the theme.


4. Hollywood party-

hollywood party ideas

Enough of the Bollywood party (well even Bollywood theme rocks but this year start with something different). Set your home with glitz and glamour of a LA party on the new year’s eve. Play some music from the classic collection of the year and get the guests dressed as Hollywood characters and cook the food as per the likings of your favorite actors. Dance and dine the whole night and slip in to a beautiful dawn of the new year.


5. The gift party-

gift party ideas

Ask all your guests to bring some small tokens of love as gifts. Make chits with names of all your guests written on it. As they enter ask them to pick the chits. When all the guests have arrived ask them to read the name of the guests and give them the gift. A way to say thank you and increase your happiness when you receive gift from unexpected people.


New year eve is all about fun and exciting time reflecting the past year while crafting beautiful memories in the coming year with your loved ones.

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