Sathya is a very popular Tamil television soap opera running on . It is the remake of odia serial Sindhura Bindu. The show has also been remade in Telugu as Suryakantam that airs on  ZEE Telugu. The plot is interesting Sathya played by Ayesha is a brave tomboyish girl and she lives the life in the moment and enjoys it as life comes.

She lives with her mother, grandmother, and her money-minded elder sister Divya. Sathya owns her beloved late father’s mechanic shed from whom she got the tomboyish traits and moves with her her male friends. Under unforeseen circumstances she meets Prabhu played by Vishnu Kumar. Sathya loves Prabhu but the later considers her to be friends and loves her sister’s Divya. Prabhu however has deep concern for Sathya. Thus, does not want to reveal the truth of his feelings for another lady. Sathya is recovering from a head injury and thus Prabhu lies to her of being in love with her. Ultimately the truth cannot be hidden for long and Sathya gets to know about Prabhu’s true feelings. However, like a true friend she agrees to her fate and supports Prabhu in his decision.

Divya on the other hand had dumbed her boyfriend for money and has no feelings for Prabhu but wants to stay with him for money. How does the story unfold and is it finally Diya or Sathya to get married to Prabhu? Well the story does not end here with marriage after that there is another round of beautiful twists and turns that will leave the audience in awe. The performances, dialogues, outfits, editing, and story telling all will mesmerize the audience. The feelings and turmoil that the audiences experience while empathizing with the characters is beautiful.

The lead actress Sathya plated by Ayesha, has believed firmly in the true sense character of character depiction and does immense justice to her ole in the series of ZEE5. She has transformed her looks and characterization to be accepted by the audiences as Sathya. The other name of this 28-year-old actress is Rohini and has birth date at 6th June 1993. Her hometown is Kasaragod, Kerala and currently she lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Her debut Tamil serial show was Ponmagal Vanthal. She has worked with the big names of the industry like Feroz Khan, Mohan Sharma, Nathan Shyam and many more. She has been a part of some entertaining serials like Ready Steady Po, Maya, Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 and many more.

Vishnu Kumar plays the role of Prabhu in the serial SAthya ans done full justice to his role as the lead actor. The 34-year-old actor has firmly set his foot in the industry with epic films like Office, Mapla Singam, Ivan Yarendru Therikiratha, Vemal, Anjali, Kalari and few more. He has several shows and awards to his credit. He is an M.Sc student and had approached Pradeep Milroy Peter, the programming head of Star Vijay for a presentation regarding TRPs. Peter was impressed by his work and hired him and from there he began his beautiful journey in the field of acting.



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  1. Such an interesting story line. It has depicted the typical money minded modern girls, as much I can get from the story. It’s going to be a great watch.

  2. Enjoyed your review of the serial; im totally hooked, definitely watching this one on my favourite portal ZEE5; great entertaining content on this OTT platform.

  3. The plot of saathya sounds intriguing and crisp, and performance by the cast in series is so entertaining. indeed a binge watch this weekend.

  4. I love Tamil shows because have partly grown up with Tamil Nadu buddy. Thank you for sharing about Sathya will surely watch it

  5. This show is very interesting and different from other this serial so many twist are there and the background musics are very nice.The pair of vishnu and ayesha is very cute.

  6. I don’t understand Tamil but I am hearing good things about this show. I think I’ll watch it with subtitles.

  7. This seems like a wonderful show to watch . I love the web series on ZEE5. Will watch this for sure.


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