Tiktok is the short video platform where the users can share short duration self-made videos. The platform has gained immense popularity over the years. The platform not only entertains but also educates the users and keeps them updated on latest trends. When education combines with entertainment it works for the betterment of the society and humanity in totality.

The recent times have instilled a sense of uncertainty and fear within us. There is so much fake news circulating through social apps that it scares more and at times there have been instances where such news has taken a toll on lives. Celebrities have also joined Tiktok to spread awareness on various matters of concern as well as to entertain and connect with their fans. It has been observed that any appeal when made in an entertaining way by the celebrities with a huge fan following, spreads the message strongly, and is accepted by all.

Right now it’s crucial to avoid all fake information. TikTok has thus collaborated with Virat Kohli, Ayushmann Khurrana, Kriti Sanon, and Sara Ali Khan. The video has been directed by Anurag Basu and puts across the #MatKarForward message. The new campaign urges the users to take the right steps in the stressful times of Covid 19 pandemic.

Fake news is harmful and a source of negativity. It negatively impacts society. The campaign thus helps to raise awareness against the spread of ill information among the digital community and its users around the world. The campaign is live on DD channel and other television channels and even the social media handles of all the celebrities who are in the campaign. The campaign was shot by the respective actors and edited by the director from their respective homes.

Misinformation is an industry wide concern and we all have a shared responsibility towards stopping it. It is a very positive and much appreciated initiative taken by TikTok to stop misinformation and spread of fake news. TikTok has made a conscious and deliberate effort to stop the spread of fake news TikTok has a strong vision to develop policies and community tools that makes the platform safe and secure for all its users.



9 thoughts on “TikTok makes India ‘Atmanirbhar’ Brings up the Spot The Fake conversation of the MKF campaign

  1. Social Media is today flooded with all sorts of fakes. It is really a challenge to distinguish between real and fake, but one need to be alert to this issue always.

  2. This time on social media you can see so many fake news and misinformation you can never be able to differentiate between what true and what’s fake. That’s really a great initiative I must say.

  3. Fake News and Spams are such big threats to mental, physical and online health of everyone. It’s important that big brands and apps spread awareness about it.

  4. TikTok ban validates the fact that we need to be more self-reliant and not depend too much on other platforms! A self-hosted website and perhaps being more creatively independent is the way forward in the online space!

  5. Correctly Said.
    Also, Its sad that Tiktok is banned in India & we have lost so many talents but at the same time we have to support our govt decision as well.
    Hoping to see our emerging talent on new platform.

  6. TikTok is the fastest growing social media app on the market. Unfortunately, it is ban in India. Great thoughts.

  7. New Delhi
    Tiktok has definitely pumps up meaningful moment in our lives during lockdown. Agree that platform is very safe to use.


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