Everyday is a new learning experience for all of us and the same holds true even for 2 year olds or smaller. From the very beginning we as mothers try our best to help them develop their skills, understanding, motor skills, identification, cognitive abilities and so much more. In this journey of teaching and learning toys can be of immense help. The toys are interesting and attract the kids, thus learning doesn’t become a chore rather it becomes a fun filled activity. Importantly is helps the parents to bond with their little one. Based on my experience here is the list of toys that I used for my little one, which she totally loved.  


Here goes the list of top 5 toys that your little baby needs while growing up:

Funskool- Giggles Nesting Eggs- the most loved toy for my two year old. Right from searching eggs on Easter to playing with it while fitting them has been so much fun. The colors are bright and tech the concept of holding and fitting, and recognizing the colors. The little one plays with it and hides things in it to create the game more interesting.There are five eggs that can be pulled and fitted. The toy helps to develop the observational skills of the child.

SHUMEE WOODEN FARM ANIMALS TWIST AND TURN TOY SET- The toy is made of wood that makes it all the more appealing. The toy teaches about the farm animals. The body parts can be separated and then again joined. It develops child’s curiosity in nature and this is much needed.

The toy is made from ivory wood and is non-toxic and the toy will last for ages so a part of her growing up will be there with her for many years.

MELISSA AND DOUGH WOODEN FARM TRAIN TOY SET- Trains are a part of everyone’s childhood. Thus even my kids need to play and learn from it. The train set has a colorful engine and three cars that have cow, cans of milk, fruits and vegetable crates. The toy teaches about fruits and vegetables to the kids. Their colors and much more.

The wooden toy is toxic free and helps the kids to enjoy role play and spend happy hours.

KIDO TOYS BUTTON SEWING ACTIVITY-SEW THE WOODEN BUTTON TO THE BASE- for small kids it is essential to improve hand and eye coordination and concentration development. I always wanted my kids to have concentration so that they are focused and can work aptly. My kid sits with the toy for hours and does the activity while improving her coordination.

The toy is smooth and completely safe for the kid. It helps to lay foundation for gender equality and this is much appreciated in the present day world.

K’s KIDS FEED THE WHALE- The cutest toy in our house and the best part is that my kid feeds the dolphin and I feed her. There are different shapes and colors; this helps the kids to learn about these basic concepts. It is a much-loved early development and activity tool.

The best toy to teach the little one about importance of eating food. It develops child’s physical and cognitive developments.

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26 thoughts on “5 Educational toys for kids below 2 years

  1. I have a little nephew and I am forever searching for interesting toys to buy for him. With his birthday around the corner, I am going to pick each one of these. You’ve lightened my stress with this informative post.
    #MyFriendAlexa #spoonsandsneakers

  2. The nesting egg toy is awesome…I think Funskool Giggles has some amazing collection for the 2 year-olds. A lot of people are lately talking about the benefits of playing with wooden toys but never really checked that out. A great post for parents looking for good toys for their toddlers.

  3. Thanks for sharing the list and their importance in kids life I will share with my friend who is is having a little wonder of 2 years old

  4. This is an interesting list. A good list to check out later before deciding a baby gift. I remember seeing Funskools’ advertisement on TV, a few years back. Thank you for sharing such a list to make our research easier when an occasion to find baby gift arise.

  5. K’s Kids Feed The Whale sounds really cool! Is it a water toy, BTW? If yes, it would be the toy I’ve been looking for all these days. It would be a great option to make feeding time more fun for my toddler and less of a chore for me!


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