Oct 13

5 Educational toys for kids below 2 years

Everyday is a new learning experience for all of us and the same holds true even for 2 year olds or smaller. From the very beginning we as mothers try our best to help them develop their skills, understanding, motor skills, identification, cognitive abilities and so much more. In this journey of teaching and learning […]
Oct 10

Need of the hour focus on mental health

  Name, fame, and money are considered as parameters of success and happiness in life, but is it so? Time has changed the amount of stress and uncertainty that has engulfed all of us including kids of two or three years is immense. We are so overwhelmed that we tend to lose our own voice. […]
Oct 04

Lifestyle changes to cure thyroid

“Thyroid is the monster that just transforms your body and health for bad” this was the line that someone told me when I was diagnosed with thyroid. My life was shattered and so was I. I had no clue as to what will I do and how will I deal with the situation. The doctors […]
Sep 22

5 Must Have Toys For Toddlers

If you are one of them who is in the phase of terrible twos, but still loves it, and wants to make most of it, then here is the list of some awesome toys that you most definitely need to have it for your kids. The toddler in these years is  on a mission to […]
Sep 18


Motherhood and parenting is over whelming, even before the baby arrives in the world, a mother is busy shopping for the child, making necessary arrangements and procuring things that are safe for the child. As mother we always want to keep the child very safe just the way she was safe in the womb. I […]
Sep 11


I always wear BICHIYA or you can call toe ring after my marriage and have almost all the designs from everyday use to festivals and occasions ,now they have a special space in my jewellery box . A toe ring is a ring made out of metals or non-metals worn on any of the toes. […]
Sep 04

ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL: Let’s join our hands to help god’s own country Kerala

The proverb “ united we stand divided we fall” holds true in every situation of life. In the recent times we were stuck with devastating floods in our God’s own country. If ever you have blessed to experience the beauty of this land, you will agree to the mystic beauty of this place. It was […]