We generally play games to pass time. Games have been a very important aspect of humanity for a really long time. History tells us that games have been associated with cultural practices and rituals rather than only entertainment.  According to scientists, games were designed for ulterior motives. Most games are designed to simply stimulate aspects of a human being. Outdoor games help to provide stimulation to our limbs and muscles. Games like football, swimming and even table tennis, all help to focus our attention and physical strength. Then there are games which aim to stimulate our mental capacities. Games like chess, ludo and carrom are all about strategizing and mental stimulation. Among such mental stimulation games, my favorite game is solitaire. Card games like solitaire are the best, especially because it attracts all age groups, has interesting rules and is easy to carry for playing while on trips.

Today, games have come in all sorts of mediums. Games which were once only physical have a virtual mode now. The internet, computer and mobile technology has helped to convert all of these physical games into a virtual format. What’s more? Technology has allowed man to perform the impossible via virtual simulation games. But personally, I feel that the problem with most video games is that they either have a set of rules that we need to master or take up a lot of our time. I feel that it is very easy to get addicted to video games. But classic solitaire games are not so. Despite having a virtual format, such games allow me to kill boredom and not have to worry about playing without an opponent. Technology has made it easy to access the game any time and any place; I don’t need to carry a pack of cards around anymore! Here are my 5 favorite all-time solitaire games that I play to kill boredom:

Tripeaks Solitaire

In Tripeaks Solitaire, eighteen cards are dealt face-down to create three “pyramids”. Each pyramid consists of six cards each on top of a common row of ten cards at the base. The goal of Tripeaks Solitaire is to clear all the three peaks into the waste pile. I like Tripeaks Solitaire because I can play it on my own and don’t need a second player.

Klondike Solitaire

Another game that I can play alone is Klondike Solitaire. The goal of this game is to stack cards into the form of sequences, which are based on suits and rank. Though this game follows certain rules, it’s a fun strategy game that helps to stimulate my mind when it feels dumb. If we block ourselves, it means that we have lost the game.

Spider Solitaire

If I’m looking for a slightly more challenging solitaire game, then I play Spider Solitaire. Like Klondike Solitaire, the goal of the game is to stack cards into sequences. But it has a bit more complex rules and relies both on strategy and luck to win.

Pyramid Solitaire

The most distinguishing aspect of this game is that cards are arranged to form a pyramid. The main objective of the game is to remove all cards from the pyramid. I usually play this game when I get bored of playing the others.

Mahjong Solitaire

Last but not the least, one of my most favorite, and probably the easiest of the lot, Mahjong Solitaire. Mahjong Solitaire involves tiles rather than cards. The goal of the game is to match identical pairs of tiles, i.e., tiles that have the same image. I enjoy playing Mahjong Solitaire especially when I am on a short break, need a quick refreshment and have little mental energy to spend on strategizing.




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