Sustainable energy is the call of hour as mothers and homemakers we are completely aware of the scarcity of the energy and dearth of resources. As mothers we are concerned about the future of environment in which our kids will be breathing and growing. Thus sustainable energy is the requirement.

Sustainable energy is the form of energy that meets our demand of energy without affecting their availability or putting them in the danger of getting depleted or expired. Sustainable energy assures that it will not damage the environment and is widely available for free of cost. Thus sustainable energy should be promoted and adopted in large scales. A few of the sustainable energy sources are sun, wind, hydropower, ocean energy, and geothermal. Sustainable energy is so called, as it is stable and available in plenty.

Sun- will continue to provide sunlight till eternity. The heat of sun will cause the winds to blow and Earth will continue to produce heat from within and not cool down. The movement of Sun, earth and moon will continue causing tides and water evaporation that will fall as ice or rain that will fill the streams and lakes then flow in the oceans and produce energy called as hydropower. It is complete cycle that will be there for ages and beyond. Thus is clear that these sources of energy are sustainable and will fulfill the needs of electricity for the future generations. Douglas Douglas healy an attorney at Healy Law offices shares his two cents on the hot topic of sustainable energy and its management.

As per records, it is expected that by 2040 the requirements of electricity will reach 9 billion. To meet the increased needs the, increase in the production of electricity will be at 28%. The difference will, however, create a massive difference between the demand and supply of electricity. To avoid all these situations of disparity it, is important that sustainable sources of energy and electricity storages are developed. Companies are taking the complete initiative to produce more sustainable, scalable, safe, cost-efficient needs to be undertaken and this. One such mode is using nuclear power for higher thermal efficiency using uranium and resources in the most efficient, clean and safe way.

Sustainable energy are not going to extinct but then they will not be available every time thus management of the sustainable energy is of equal importance. Analyzing, planning, directing, implementing, and control phase of sustainable energy management should be focused for the betterment of all species.

Apart from using sustainable energy, management of sustainable energy and reduced consumption of energy, avoiding all sorts of wastage is required. Optimum utilization of energy will work in favor of society and its future generations. Increased energy efficiency on one side and focusing on sustainable energy on the other hand will prove to be the most economical and non-economical viable and feasible option. The modern world needs to focus on sustainable source of energy and as mother we need to educate our kids about this and create awareness regarding it. .



10 thoughts on “Sustainable energy : call of the time

  1. Such an informative post and I agree sustainable source of energy is need of future, and we need to educate our kids about the same, for their better future. this is the concept that will save our environment.

  2. I think our kids are learning about sustainable energy in their schools now a days. It’s a good thing that everyone is trying to make the world a better place for our future generations.

  3. It’s an urgent call of time to understand the importance of sustainable energy first so that we can raise the chances of a safe future.

  4. This is an important post in today’s scenario. We really need sustainable energy sources for the earth to stay green. Thanks for all the information I shall save it.

  5. That is a very important topic you have written about and a very informative post. It is the need of the hour and this is something we must teach to our kids now so that they can save their future.

  6. A very informative post. Sustainability is the need of the hour. The kids should be made aware about it and as much as it is possible one should try and take care of the environment


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