A happy smile and a strong laugh are indicative of a healthy child. As parents, most of us would go to the ends of the world and back to see our children happy and healthy however, there still is one area that we have fallen short on: dental health, and Colgate, being the pioneer in the field, did all the right things to make up for it all.

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I learnt of the Colgate Dental Camp in my city, from a neighbour. With my kids, I dropped in for a quick visit, and got both of them a free check-up. Thankfully, neither of them had any dental ailments, but the doctor advised them to follow good oral hygiene habits such as: brushing twice everyday, flossing regularly, following a nutritious diet, and getting frequent
dental check-ups. My children were all-ears, and have pro-actively taken to the doctor’s

But here’s the bad news: 1 in 4 kids in Delhi have cavities! The real shocker is that most parents are completely in the dark about their kids’ dental issues. In order to overcome  this, Colgate dental cards to share within our social circles. I shared 5 such dental cards with my friends and family and as it turns out, 2 out of the 5 of them, learnt of their kid’s dental issues. They were dismayed, but immensely thankful to Colgate for the timely help.


Colgate sent in a lovely hamper, a few days after I visited the Colgate Dental Camp. The hamper was beautifully packed and thoughtfully curated, with all calcium-rich fruits, veggies and dry fruits, and some dairy products. As a mother of two picky eaters, this hamper with its nutritious food was a true God-sent, in making my kids understand the importance of eating healthy.

The new Colgate Strong Teeth also came with the hamper. With the Amino Shakti, made of a unique formula of fluoride, the Colgate Strong Teeth, enriches Calcium levels and makes teeth stronger from within, equipping them with the strength to fight off cavities it’s also got 4 times the strengthening power. This toothpaste clearly bettered the best, and is a solution to every parent’s dental woes. It’s here to stay for me and my family!

Colgate’s attempt at dental health awareness truly served its purpose, and we have all benefited greatly from the newly launched Colgate Strong Teeth. Here’s to a great feat towards a healthier dental future!



19 thoughts on “Colgate: Spreading a million smiles through a hamper

  1. Sach me, main khud apne bachpan se colgate hi use kar rahi hu aur ab tak ghar me tehi aata hai ??
    Kabhi koi dikkat nahi hui ,fir bhi yearly hum log bhi dental chkup karwate hain aur twice a day brush bhi karty hain ?
    Colgate hamper sach me bahut cute bhi hai

  2. Colgate is such a classic brand. I really like their charcoal toothpaste. I love that the brand does tiothpastes for kids too.

  3. Mere ghar mein sirf Colgate istemal Hota Hai v trust Colgate and have grown up using Colgate and that’s what I get for my daughter as well who is 3 years old

  4. Dental health is really important… I have always had bad oral health… I started visiting dentists only lately. This is good! Colgate is amazing!

  5. I remember reading about it on your Instagram … That dental camp initiative is indeed awesome and Colgate is my go to brand for my family …


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