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Technically menopause is a phase of woman’s life where her periods come to an end. It is a turning phase of her life, a very part of her existence is taken away from her. Periods and a lady’s life are closely or let’s say it is inter related. Getting the first period, missing it or completely stopping of it all are major events of her life.

Menopause is not a disease but it deeply impacts the life of a women. Menopause can cause discomfort, but it definitely marks the new phase of life for a women. Let us dive in the details of menopause.


It is natural happening and marks the end of child bearing age of a women. However certain medical surgeries or treatments could also lead to menopause. Removal of ovaries, chemotherapy, surgical removal of uterus and pelvic radiation therapy are few of the common reasons.


Medically or naturally at 45 to 5o a women may start to have menopause but at times it can start a little earlier or later. A few women may have to get in their menopause period at 40 or some might delay it to 60’s. There is no concrete age but it is only when a women misses her periods for one entire year at straight it is said to be the start of her menopause.


Natural menopause is a gradual process and does not happen overnight. The ovaries just do not stop working overnight, this transition phase is called perimenopause. In this phase the women can still get pregnant, although her periods are irregular and unpredictable but she will ovulate as the ovaries are still functioning.


As it is natural process and each body is different women may behave differently when the menopause is to be reached. Some women may experience the difference in their periods it may get longer or shorter, heavier or lighter, less or more time between the periods. So if you see any change in your periods please consult a gynecology as it is now the time that you take good care of your body.

Certain symptoms of menopause are as follows:

  1. Due to menopause your sleep could get affected. Also due to hot flashes you may find it difficult to sleep. Thus sleep in cool temperature, keep a ice bag handy if required. Still if the issue persists consult the doctor.
  2. Less estrogen or the women hormone is not released adequately it could lead to vaginal dryness, itching and irritation thus make intercourse very uncomfortable.
  3. Increase in weight- if there is sudden increase in weight, you need to keep a check on it and consult the doctor.
  4. Mood swings- There could be massive mood swings as the hormones will play their role, and thus emotional well-being needs to also be taken care off.
  5. Thinning hair and lack of luster in skin- with the onset of menopause the quality of hair ad skin tends to get bad, so extra care should be taken.
  6. Anxiety and depression- due to the switch over from fertile to infertile period, changes in hormones and body the whole process could be very overwhelming for the women and she may face the situation of anxiety and menopause.



It is a life changing process and thus requires medical, physical and emotional measures to be taken to make the transition process much smoother.

  1. time to start your regime for bone health- menopause can cause significant decrease in bone density. Thus starting with Vitamin D supplement will be essential, also lots of calcium products and green leafy products should be there in the diet.
  2. Heart health- estrogen levels, decrease and thus you could experience dizziness and cardiac palpitations, thus having a balanced diet and exercising should be a part of your lifestyle.
  3. Emotional counseling- the whole transition can be very overwhelming for the lady thus the family members, friends and especially husband should be very supportive towards her and always try to calm down the mood swings that she faces.


Several supplements or medical hormone therapy are available for treating menopause and one should consult the doctor before starting any treatment.

It is new beginning and thus welcome it with open hearts. Only change is constant and with this new change promise yourself to stay more healthy, active and fit by adopting better and healthier options.

Disclaimer- This post is not meant for any medical purpose,information provided in this article is true from the author’s knowledge.

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9 thoughts on “DO NOT PAUSE WITH MENOPAUSE : Menopause Symptoms And Precautions

  1. A good post. I am nearly 40 and since sometime I have been observing a change in my period flow plus hot flashes. I joke that this may be the start of my menopause. I started my period very early in life, so I am expecting it to end also early. 🙂

  2. I could co-relate with this post as mom recently went through this one 🙁 It is same as the Menstrual cycle. That uneasy feeling and that pain 🙁
    This is an eye-opener to many of them, thanks for sharing this one dear.
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

  3. A women needs to take utmost care of herself throughout this phase. A well-written awareness post.

    Do you know about Premature Menopause? It hits a woman in her 20s or even early than that.

  4. This is such an important topic which nobody discusses about. I believe, as there is a revolution happening in our country to counteract the taboo around menstruation, same should be done towards menopause. Thank you for taking up such a subject for your post.

  5. Meno—pause!! Life almost pauses I feel. All precautions fly out of the window when you are suffering. I am going through it and I am aware of everything but still, it becomes difficult to cope.


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