Life during the new era that is Corona Era has become difficult. During the lockdown life has come to a halt. The schools, parks, activity classes all have closed down to maintain social distancing. Thus our little ones are stuck at home with no learning or outing. The kids who are small and in playschool will lose a year and this will affect all their life. Either they will have spend to a whole year back at playschool or go to high school unprepared which will shatter their confidence. Thus we need to start home-schooling and home teaching for the little ones and help them to stay with times and learn what they would have been learning if there was no pandemic. With my little one I was overwhelmed as how will I keep her busy and help her learn as next year there will be so much for her to study. Then I sat calmly and decided as how will I teach her and get her prepared for high school. Here are few of tips that I took out of my kitty to make the tough times smooth and enriching for my kids:

Pattern learning- Teach them patterns standing, slanting, sleeping, curve and other types to help them learn draw the patterns, lines and eventually upgrade to write alphabets. Also teaching patterns and lines will help them to build better hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and improve their concentration. It will help them to make a grip and hold the pencil in a much better way. The patterns that they draw help them to get better understanding of shapes and lines.

Rhymes and stories- one thing on which all the mothers will unanimously agree is that kids love lullabies, rhymes, and stories. YouTube has multiple of options for the same and as per the liking and age of the child we can select the option. The rhymes and stories helps the kids on learning new things like colors, shapes, objects, numbers, opposites, and more. Importantly, the stories entertain and educate the kids. They tell the kids about our culture, mythology, heritage, freedom fighters and more. The stories instill positive values, discipline, vibes, good habits, and moral insights in kids. Kids learn the difference between good and bad, honesty and dishonesty, and negatives of speaking rudely with others or about the benefits of being kind and caring through these stories. Thus to make the kids a better citizen and fit to live in the world it is essential that they are exposed to good qualities and teaching with the help of stories makes more impactful.

Phonics- phonics is the new technique of teaching and helping the child to read the words much before they can even write it. The sight words or lets say how they read the alphabets and connect them to make words and then sentences is beautiful. Phonics is a world wide accepted method and al schools implement it. There are videos on YouTube or information on Google and you can teach the kids accordingly. The kids will learn proper pronunciation and spelling of the words this will help them further in life and studies.
English and math’s copy- making the kids write in exercise copies like the four line English copy and the blocks copy for math’s. it is obvious that the child will have to learn to write in the copies and for this it is essential that they are taught to write on the copies. The way to write in the copies helps the child to increase their concentration levels and skills. The way the lines are maintained it helps the child to understand the value of discipline. Moreover in the high school they are to be write in these copies and thus for the child it will be essential that they are well prepared to write in these copies. Indian education system is about writing and even scientifically it has been proved that hand memory and brain memory both are important. Therefore the more the kids are made to write the more they will learn to remember and understand thereby write with immense clarity and start the beautiful journey of playing with words. There are worksheets also available on the online forum that can help the child to practice the writing. The sheets can be downloaded for free or printed.

Educational toys- kids and toys go together and as per me the toys not only help the kids to get entertained or help them spend their time playfully but also educate them. There are many toys that can educate the kids like tower building, rings, shape assortment, rings, building blocks, lego, and many more. The best way to teach the kids is with the help of toys, and zig saw puzzles. More than the toys let the kids play with things of home like properly opening the bottles and boxes and then closing them back with the right option or sorting out of pulses by the help of touch and feel.

Color- Not only teaching from books but also coloring can help the kids to learn a lot. Coloring the fruits and vegetables, or the animals helps the child to learn and also enjoy the time, I often sit with the kids to color it helps me distress and spend quality time with the little ones.

I have learnt the lesson that no matter what it is important that kids learn and grow. Any pandemic or fateful event cannot stop them to exercise their right of education and as a mother I make sure that I teach them with all available resources. Thus can help them to get ready for the education that they will receive the next year. a mother is the first teacher for a child and tough times like this rightfully proves that this sentence is true to the core.

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