Summer, Sun, sand and sea are made in heaven and I had the privilege to enjoy all of it together and more with the Cordelia Cruise.

Cordelia cruises, Cordelia

My family and I embarked on a journey which has etched fond memories in our hearts for decades to come. The cruise has the pristine calmness of the sea but then behold it has the glitter and spark of the city. Unbelievable but then the cruise trip on the Cordelia Cruise is nothing but a fun city swaying on the sea. If a genie comes out of the lamp and grants the wish of the best and has it all vacation then it would be here only.

The dreamy vacation:

The cruise vacation here is at par or let me be honest even above the international trips. From star gazing while dining or playing poker with your lucky charm or simply swaying to the music, Cordelia Cruise has it all. I had embarked on this once in a lifetime holiday with my family with a little fear of sea sickness but then the fun and warmth at the Cordelia cruise will get me here again and again.

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Top deck view

If you prefer solo travelling or travelling with friends and family or you are the parent who desires to give the child the best vacation ever then it is Cordelia Cruise Vacation on the cards for you. On the cruise you get the whole world. I love these quaint vacations with my family and the 5 nights and 6 days vacation on the cruise was a delight. With fun filled activities, games, shows, dance and what not the time just flew by a wink on the cruise.

Mumbai-Goa-Lakshadweep here we come:

I am from Delhi thus a natural inclination of holidaying in the mountains, but then the sea and cruise casted a spell on me. The gusting winds and gushing waves of the Arabian Sea took us to another dreamland. It was a vacation that my kids will cherish forever. The vastness of the sea when seen from one of the ten decks of the Cruise gives an adrenaline rush. When I got to know that the cruise had 10 decks and all of the world class standards, I was like a child lost at candyland. My husband and I could not contain our happiness and decided as to which deck we should visit first. The horizon and skyline and the sea all have mystical effects on you and quickly transfer you to another dreamland. Coming to mystic, the magician who played tricks with children at the cruise got them stunned by the act. The clown on the cruise made us laugh inch to inch.

lakshwadeep,lakshwadeep via cruise

There are several options to choose from and We opted for the Mumbai- Goa-Lakshadweep trip on the Cordelia Cruise. We boarded cruise at 3 pm after check-in procedure and had a lunch there  the cruise started sailing at 8 pm but the activities were already started. It’s a 5 night 6 days package so 1st day we boarded, second day it was at sea, third day we reached Goa around 6 am and we chose city tour. Fourth day we reached Lakshadweep around 8 am and from there we were ported to Kadmat island. Fifth day we were again at sea and sixth day we reached Mumbai around 8 am.

Lakshadweep diary:

lakshwadeep ,cruise travel,cruiseline India

Lakshadweep is vast blue seas, soft sands, corals, and the lush greenery from shrubs and palm trees. It is beautiful beyond words and clean too. Lakshadweep is a no plastic zone,yes it is so and is very strict with their plastic rules. We tasted the beauty, joy and discipline of eco-friendly travel here. Any plastic packet that you carry there cannot be dumped there you need to carry it back. Strictly no litter is allowed. The cruise did not provide food there and thus we tried the food locally available there. It was one of its kind experiences. The food tasted yummy and was cooked with locally sourced ingredients. It was sheer happiness to see that we were not generating any carbon footprints here. It was eye opening as my kids and I learned that we can enjoy travelling without the plastic packed food which is a threat to nature and our health.

Activities at Lakshadweep

There are various water activities available to enjoy at Lakshadweep like Scuba diving, kayaking, banana boat ride, glass bottom boat ride, snorkeling. These activities are paid and not included in ticket fair. We enjoyed kayaking and snorkeling and it was really amazing but if you want to explore island and enjoy family time than don’t go for too much activities as it’s time taking and you have got limited time at Lakshadweep.


How To book?

The cruise had delicacies and options of food for us to cherish from different far off lands and also from our country. Each bite that we savoured there was beyond words yummy. As we took off from Delhi for Mumbai I had excitement like that of a little child as I was not aware of what the Cordelia Cruise has to offer us on a family vacation. However it was beyond my imagination and more enriched than I expected. We had booked the tickets from
their website and it is very easy to do so. They are completely transparent about everything that they offer and as per our preferences we made the bookings. The charges are Rs 81,775 approximately as the cruise keeps running various offers and one could book accordingly. For the summer break there are so many exciting packages which are perfect to lure anyone.

Interestingly kids up to 12 can sail for free on the house. However, for safety
reasons kids below 6 months are not allowed on the cruise.

Necessary documents and Corona protocols:

On the cruise all the Corona protocols were strictly followed but the fun and frolic was
undisturbed. We were regularly sanitising ourselves and so were the staff at the cruise. The cruise requires a little documentation like

a) Adhar Card
b) RT-PCR report
c) confirmed boarding Pass confirmation.

The interiors of cruise take away my breath:

After this comes the super fun part. We entered the luxurious and the most gorgeous cruise. If you are a photography freak then it’s a haven for you. The sights are truly magnificent and I could not stop making reels or clicking pictures. Though I was completely enjoying the moment, it seemed that even with my two eyes and camera I could capture the beauty of the
cruise and the sea. There are professional photographers on the cruise who can click for and then also give you the same photographs. The reception of the Cruise is on the 5th floor and it is the most happening floor of the cruise. There is a Marquee theatre here where ample shows are conducted. Punjabi Show, magic show and a variety of shows to entertain 400 guests at a time. There is drama, comedy, dance, and romance on the cruise to enchant
you.Then there is Chairman’s Club where there is a constant show on guitar and other
instruments to touch the different chords of your heart. Having food amidst the live music is an experience of its type. We opted for several paid and unpaid activities for our kids and they had a gala time there. If you get a little lost about what to do and opt for which activity then there is nothing to worry the Cruise director and the tem are there with their solutions. The best
hospitality that one could experience is here. The staff is courteous and polite, helping you with all the details.

The rooms are delightful:

Ocean view room Cordelia, Cordelia cruises

The highlight of the cruise, my room for the next 5 days, was nothing less than a dream. It was ocean view room on deck 4 , it was spacious for our family of four. The mattress was soft and the pillows were feather soft. The room was thoroughly cleaned and the view from my room was breathtaking. There are other types of rooms also like the stateroom and a luxury room. The room was fully stationed with towels, hand towels, hair dryer, toiletries and more. In case we needed a refill we could always ask the room service. 8 bottles of mineral water were also in the room on a daily basis and at times if I required more than I ordered it. However one has to carry their shaving kit on the cruise. Also the rooms are based on Europe culture the toilet have jet sprays. Also don’t forget to bring global adaptor for charging Mobile and other gadgets.

Main attractions-

  • Sunrise and sunsets
  • Sundowner party at deck 10
  • Magic show- Tejas
  • Bollywood dance show- Balle balle
  • Wall climbing
  • Cordelia kids academy- where you can drop your kids and enjoy some me time.
  • Bridge tour
  • Star gazing from the top deck

cordelia cruises,cordelia cruise

Food tastes yummy:

For me or anyone vacation is synonymous with food. Trust me when travelling with kids I am a little extra cautious regarding the food.

The best tasting, healthy food should come on a kid’s plate so that they eat without fuzz and I am assured that they are eating without the fear that they could get sick. It is an amazing experience to cherish the delicacies that were served in the best ambiance of the cruise. They have buffet with wide variety of veg , nonveg and Jain food options. The food was cooked to perfection and as it was the summer season there were plenty of salads and drinks to quench the thirst and enjoy the warm Sun. There are 4 main meals that includes breakfast, lunch, evening tea with snacks and dinner. The food is included in tickets so you don’t need to pay separately but Incase if you want to experience luxury dining there are restaurants like chopsticks (you need to pay for this). Also there are 2 restaurants where you can enjoy your meal According to your convenience. Food court one on the top deck  and starlight on the 4th deck. If you ask my favourite, i will suggest food court as you can have meal with a view there . The cruise has not only the option of selecting the food to eat but also has the option to select the time when you desire to eat. The Cordelia cruise is happening and there are such amazing activities going on that one would like to either prepone or postpone their meal time. On Multiple occasions I had to shift the time of our meals as my kids were either busy somewhere or were just not hungry. To cherish the most interesting desserts, the Cordelia cruise is the best place to be. I can go on and on about the mystic magic that the cruise did on me. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be on the Cordelia cruise.

I hope you enjoyed reading my travel experience with Cordelia cruises. It was the best summer holidays gift for my kids. Incase you have any further questions feel free to ask in the comments section.

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