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Here comes the election season, and as the country prepares to cast its vote in April and May there are many reasons why you need to vote in your complete state of mind. With a population of 900 millions that is more than the combined population of all the European countries will move to cast their votes to select a new federal government.

No predictions can be made- the Indian elections are unpredictable and the possibilities of coalitions are many. For the present PM Modi it will not be easy to maintain his term as his government has been criticized on the grounds o lacking economic development and failure in the creation of million jobs as promised. However, for the opposition Congress it will be all the more difficult to rise in power as Rahul Gandhi and his family and all the top moist leaders are out in bail and have many corruption charges on their name. the powerful regional arties have tried to make a big multiparty alliance but then keeping your trust on them is also not possible as all the leaders consider themselves or their heirs as a candidate suitable for the chair of PM.


Democracy thrives- we are proudly the biggest democratic country and our constitution has bestowed this right on us for our benefit so we need to make full use of it.  Voters are electing lawmakers for the 543-member lower house of parliament, or LokSabha. In 2014, the Election Commission of India deployed 3.7 million polling staff, 550,000 security personnel, 56 helicopters and 570 special trains to conduct a five-week-long exercise in close to a million polling stations. Divided into 29 states and seven federally-administered territories, and with a population of more than 1.3 billion, India’s poll will take place in seven phases between April 11 and May 19, with results announced on May 23.

It is not a cake- walk- with huge population to organize elections it is not easy. Millions of poll workers, police, and security personnel are employed in cities, towns, and villages, huge amount of funds is spent to conduct the elections thus the purpose of its being held should be met in a fair way. The votes should not go as fake or unanswered. Many poll workers walk to far flung areas. Carry oxygen cylinders (snowbound areas of Himachal), sleeping bags, food, medicines, torches and the electric voting machine to get each and every vote thus it is our duty to vote. The commission sets up voting booth in the remote Gir forest, where the lions roam, in Chhattisgarh a medical team was called on duty to protect the voters from the attack of honeybees, while voting.

Women power- the women are coming forward in all walks of life and elections are no exception. Their voices are being heard and they are casting vote after analyzing the situation and this shows the progress made by the nation. This year the election commission has set up pink booths managed by lady officials top motivate the female voters.

They are the first timers- this year some 18 to 19 million new voters from the age group of 18 to 19 years will be voting for the first time. They are much informed and can take an independent decision thus help them to get their voice heard.

Each vote that is missed is a loss to the nation and thus vote for a better future so that you and your kids are a part of a progressed and beautiful country.

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