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I always wear BICHIYA or you can call toe ring after my marriage and have almost all the designs from everyday use to festivals and occasions ,now they have a special space in my jewellery box .

A toe ring is a ring made out of metals or non-metals worn on any of the toes. The second toe of either foot is where it is most commonly worn. It is so because proportionately it is the longest toe and thus it is easier to wear toe ring and stay without being connected to anything else.

However with the changing fashion mantras and in the western countries they are relatively new fashion accessory and do not bear any symbolic significance. Wearing it dies not require to get in any specific footwear and can be comfortably be worn with barefoot sandals, anklets, bare feet, heels or flip flops.

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Just like the finger ring, toe ring comes in many shapes and forms, from intricately designed flowers embedded with jewels to simple bands. The best part is that any fluctuation in weight does not affect the size of toe ring rather you can continue with the same toe ring. The toe rings are usually adjustable as they have a small gap at the bottom and can be easily made to fit.


Wearing toe rings in India traditionally is associated to the marital status of a women. Toe rings symbolizes that a women is married and it bears cultural importance also. In Ramayana also it has been mentioned. When Sita had been abducted by Ravana she threw her toe ring so that lord Rama could find her. Thus from that times toe rings have been a part of a married woman’s jewellery box. During the wedding there is a ceremony where the boy puts toe ring in the toes of the girl, and this symbolizes that she is married. However they are now a part of unmarried girl’s wardrobe also. It is adorned as a fashion statement just to add bling to the new age look. Earlier in both the legs same pair was worn but now, and they look classy with the changing fashion toe rings are now worn in unmatched pairs.

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The toe rings are most commonly made of silver, black metal, stones, resin, black metal, pearls, transparent thread with beads or stones, in short apart from gold or platinum they are made of everything. Recently the barefoot toe ring with attached anklet or even without it was in vogue. Girls from the age of one to any were seen sporting it. Toe rings with big flowers on it were best for the beach wear or any sun downer party. Toe rings when worn with any attire be it western or traditional; or indo western, they solely served the purpose of amplifying the look. Nothings looks more elegant than a nicely manicured foot with toe rings, on it, as they say your feet speak volumes about your personality. Now there are toe rings that can be worn in thumb also and there also toe rings that are attached or comes in set to be worn in three toes of both the legs. Thus the options are limitless for these cuties.


Whatever may be the reason for your adorning the toe ring it just adds to your beauty. Buy one now and just flaunt it at any celebration, day out, picnic or just relaxing by the beach.

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  1. This looks so nice and yeah flaunt in new designs. Although I dont wear toe rings bt I do like it , and I didnt knew that It comes in so many ways & can b worn in so many ways. Thanks for updating my info.

  2. Amazing and beautiful post. Amazing collections of toe rings. These rings in India traditionally is associated to the marital status of a women. Great thoughts.

  3. Jewelry is about making a statement, also so much about the occasions we celebrate where these crafty items enhances our emotions and make us feel better. The art of good jeweler design lies in the blend of fashion and tradition. Also we get the source of inspiration from nature to mythology…
    Nice post.

  4. Such a cool idea for a blog post! It’s such a common thing in India… was. Many women find it a chore to wear these… in name of being modern and feminists, I suppose. But respecting your tradition and working with it rather than against it is truly empowering, I believe.

  5. In Indian culture, there is reason behind each and every gesture. Whether it be following a certain ritual or wearing jewelry there is a reason.
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