For the last complete week, Delhi and NCR faced severe level of air pollution; this recent spike in worsening in ambient atmosphere has led to many speculations about adverse health effects. The recent reports and news articles also shows point of worry as the PM 2.5 levels in Delhi shot up to 999 micrograms, far above the recommended level.

Air Pollution:


Air pollution is contamination environment by any chemical, physical or biological cause that mixed-up with the air and change natural characteristics of the atmosphere. It happens when the above harmful substances bring together into the atmosphere.


Household combustion devices, motor vehicles, industrial plants, construction sites and fire are common sources of air pollution. Pollutants of major public health concern include particulate matter and harmful gases. This air pollution can cause breathing problem, asthma, respiratory and other diseases, which could have serious impact on our health.




The health impact of the smog is dependent on multiple factors, like person’s present health, severity of air pollution and time of exposure.

Kids, old people and people with prevailing health conditions are generally more susceptible. A little exposure to air pollutants affects health, sometimes leading to severe signs.

Long term exposure increases the risk of respiratory and heart disease. Health effects of short term exposure often include itching and running nose, sore throat, cough or asthma attacks.

My Solution:

Here are some basic recommendations you should consider:


  • Reduce time spent outdoors to a necessary minimum.
  • Regular use of mask with specifications N95 (and above) when going outdoor, N95 masks are cost effective, and permit only 5% of all particulate matter to pass through while allowing you to breathe. The better ones come with breathing valves to allow you to breathe freely as well.
  • Drink sufficient amount of water, fruit and vegetable juice.
  • Keep your rooms closed, windows and doors should be kept shut, if not needed.
  • Avoid physical outdoor activities



Have a good health !!



28 thoughts on “Delhi NCR Air-Pollution: Delhiites Solution

  1. The present condition may not affect us immediately. But this fatal for future. I must say Delhi NCR is unfit for a normal Life. Recently my mom diagnosed with Lung cancer reason is the same pollution.

    1. Very sad to hear this…Breathing in Delhi is very dangerous now a days, Delhiites really need to take this at a serious note!!

  2. Agree that in delhi NCR the problem of air pollution is getting worse. So we should take care of our kids or old ones specially. Your tips are little bit helpful for dealing with this problem. Staying indoor for kids is must these days.

  3. I am so sorry that tbe capital has to face such a huge problem. You have shared some useful points. Was just wondering how people whose living depends on spending time on road, will cope up! Like vendors, hawkers, traffic police or salesmen. Wish the city soon recovers from this plight and get back to normalcy.

  4. Oh dear where is this world heading. Free air is ones birth right and now we are struggling for that too. Good that you mentioned how one must handle this situation.

  5. This is really sad state of affairs. Sounds like all sci fi movies are coming true. The future is here and it is dark. We need to save our planet before it further gets damaged.


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