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Last week , there was a meeting in my office and I came late to home around 9 pm . When I was on my way I stopped car on a signal where I saw a child in front of the bill board who was sitting alone on the ground , had a shirt on his body in this chilled winter and a suitcase in his hand !! It seems like he was waiting for someone. When I saw him I felt something is wrong, As a mother there was so many questions in my mind like why this child is alone, why didn’t he have warm clothes ,why he had a   suitcase and what’s in it.

The Honest boy

The whole night I was thinking about it and next day again I started my routine work… I completed my breakfast and took off for my office, when I was crossing the same place that is Bill board again I saw him and this time I was more worried and curious to know what’s exactly going with him …I want to stop my car as I want to talk to him but there was a huge traffic jam and I stuck in it .he was looking here and there with his shiny bright eyes and his movements makes me more worried. Somewhere I thought why I am taking it more seriously but than his innocent face comes in front of my eyes and again I started thinking about him.


Next day in the morning I was looking on a clock  for my office time,  I decided that if today I find him will definitely talk to him and it happened … he was on the same place where I was expected him ,  I was very eager to get answers for all questions which was disturbing me from past three days. When I reached to him he looked at my face and before I say any word he asked “Are you searching for this suitcase mam “ I was stunned, I ? no I didn’t know what are you talking about .


he replied that his father is an owner of rose shop on traffic signal but due to some health issues he was not coming to shop and this little boy was working ; he told  few days back one man came to his shop with his baby to buy a bouquet of flowers for his wedding anniversary celebration , mistakenly he forgot his suitcase there and the boy was waiting for the man to return his valuables, I was very impressed to see the honesty of boy who was not really educated but have more moral values than an educated one. I opened the suitcase to find any contact number to inform the person but there was nothing instead of clothes.


I told him not to bother as there is nothing special in it and it’s the reason that man not came to search his suitcase , he replied that his teacher taught to be honest with everyone and he was doing the same he learned. That small boy taught me a big lesson in life ,today we all are busy in our lives and don’t have much time to see what’s going around us, we must be honest and helpful to others as what goes back is comes back to you.

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