The famous Bollywood number “aati kya khandala” has made this hill station all the more popular. The views here are worthy of Instagram, or the postcard. Sandwiched between the super fast cities Mumbai and Pune is this beautiful hill station, Khandala, away from the chaos of city life. The small hill station though not covered with snow capped mountains is still the most frequented one but there are few hidden facts about the hill station and the  best things to do in khandala that you need to know before heading here:


When and how to go– it is situated on high altitude and is eternally beautiful all throughout thus is can be visited any time of the year. Although it is that the monsoons should be avoided as the roads become slippery due to rains and commuting to and fro could be difficult. However, the true enchanting beauty that is simply incomparable shines in this month only. During monsoons the waterfalls can be seen gushing down the hills on the roads, which during the other seasons reduce to faint lines of water. The weather during monsoons here becomes unpredictable and a few may not be able to handle it thus travelling in other seasons is a better option. The nearest airport to Khandala is Pune Airport, which is just 50 Kms away, and the distance can be travelled in bus or cab or even by car as the route is very comfortable.


Offbeat things to do in Khandala- 


Apart from enjoying the Sunset and Sunrise views or Khandala, while digging in the amazing strawberry cream or hot chocolate milk there is so much to do here that you will fall in love with place and visit this place again and again.


Trek to Rajmachi Fort– The position of the fort will help you understand the supremacy of the Indian rulers and their vision. With plateau on all sides, this fort is made of two forts that gives direct view of the Bhor Ghat, this happens to be a prominent port and trade route, thus this fort gave the option to keep eyes on all. The trek to the fort starts from Tungarli Lake, on the route you can visit the Buddhist caves, at the end of the trek is the beautiful sight of Western Ghats all covered with greens.


Rajmachi Trek lonavala, Delhiblogger

Trek to Visapur Fort-  The imposing structure was built by the first Peshwa of the Maratha dynasty, Balaji Viswanath. The fort claims the power and prowess of the Maratha Dynasty. The best time to trek to Visapur is during the monsoons, the waterfalls during this season fall gushing down and this makes the whole place to look stunning with unparalleled beauty.


The Bedsa Caves-  The beautiful caves from the 60 BC are undoubtedly the most beautiful caves. The beautiful and exquisite carvings on the walls of the cave and the 25 feet tall pillar are truly beautiful.


The beauty of Lohagad fort-  The natural beauty and the magnificent architecture of the Lohagad forest will cast a spell on you. UNESCO has announced this fort to be World Heritage Site. It is the twin to the Vispur Fort. Built in 18th century it is just 52 km away from Pune and due to good network of roads can be easily reached.


The Kune Falls-  The highest waterfall of the country, with the height of 200m and spread in three steps with lush greenery all around this falls make the perfect spot for picnics. Spend some quiet time here to connect with Mother Nature and oneself. Splash some water in the drop pool where you can bathe and swim. The scenic beauty and the breeze here are fresh and will rejuvenate you.

The kune falls, Delhiblogger

Get flabbergasted with the beauty of Tungarli Lake- Tungarli Lake is the source of water in Lonavla. The picturesque beauty of the lake will cast a spell on you. Enjoy picnic here or camping at the night when you can sleep under the star lit night.


Khandala is nowhere like the traditional hill stations but then it has its own surreal beauty and charm to relax you and make you feel good. 





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  1. Im so glad i stopped by your blog; i wanted to actually know if KHANDALA still had places to explore; there’s so much to do and im pleasantly surprised. Im gonna plan a visit soon.

  2. Khandala is my favorite place, I was planning a trip soon, your post is very helpful. I am going to bookmark this article, will plan a trip by the end of Sep. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The beauty of Khandala is even better in monsoons. Your pics are so breathtaking and Yes, Rajmachi trek is very thrilling.

  4. What lovely options 🙂 I really like the greenery and the ease of visiting this place for a day even as it is close by to mumbai.
    therefore we can club a visit to Khandala with our trip to mumbai.

  5. Mountains, hills and waterfalls… I just love them! Khandala is definitely a great place… Thank you for sharing this list of activities… I love trekking… Would visit someday!


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