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In today’s world we all are busy ,whether working or not we have plenty of tasks to complete with family and kids and  have very short time for cooking and eating but some gadgets make cooking super easy and time consuming MICROWAVE OVEN is one of them.

What is a microwave oven?

A microwave oven is a kitchen appliance that heats and cooks food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiations in the microwave frequency range. The technical definition but owing to the chilly winters of Delhi and mommy of two, I decided to buy the device. It would reduce my work of cooking hot meals and also the utensils would be less added advantage was that it is non-fire mode of cooking so safe with kids. Thus I gifted myself Samsung 28 liters microwave oven.


A perfectly good appliance that instantly impressed my husband and me with its heating skills. Little did we know that it was not limited to this skill but it was much more than this work. However I had read many recipes or seen a few videos on microwave cooking I felt that I should give it a try. Starting with the basic microwave popcorn making in the gadget I have come a long way to even cooking curries or soups in the same.

Why Microwave oven ?

Microwave cooking is very fast and easy also. To make curry in microwave all you need is a microwave bowl. In the bowl the paste of onion, tomato, ginger and garlic, add little oil. Cover it with ladle and micro it at micro high for 4 minutes take it out and put diced potatoes and water. Cover it with ladle and add water to it. Again micro high it for few more minutes till potatoes get tender and you are done.

This was about the curry it takes only two minutes to get the cake done in a mug. Mix the ingredients and again micro high the mug for 2 minutes and you are ready with a mug of wholesome happiness.

The list of stuff that you can prepare in microwave is limitless. Just follow the recipe booklet provided by the company and a little practice will make you pro at cooking dishes in the microwave.

pizza recipe at home
home made pizza

From baking a cake to cooking rice or biryani or making stuffed brinjal in microwave all needs a bit of oil and limited utensils to get the delicacy ready. Even dhokla can be prepared in microwave. Get the premix of dhokla and in a greased dish pour the mixture and let it cook in micro plus convection mode for 4 to 5 minutes. Microwave makes cooking simple and easy for all. Just give it a try and see the appreciation that your food gets.

dhokla in microwave
Dhokla made in microwave
idli in microwave
Idli in microwave

Things To Remember

Coming to the important aspect of safety while using microwave. Firstly never boil water in microwave as water reaches its boiling point and as soon as you get it out of microwave it will splash resulting in major burns. Secondly your microwave and mobile phones are enemies and never use them as it may cause radiations that affect the food very badly. Lastly and most importantly never use plastic utensils in your microwave and also refrain from using aluminium ware in your gadget. Use high food grade quality glassware to cook the food and serve your family with wholesome happiness of good food.


Wish you lots of love and luck as you start with your microwave journey and keep me updated with your recipes.

Soon i will share some easy microwave recipes which help you to become a kitchen queen infront of your family.

till than bye bye !!!




19 thoughts on “Microwave Oven: Some Useful Tips For New Users

  1. This is really great for someone who is using microwave for the first time … perfectly explained and written

  2. My parents are planning to buy our first microwave oven! This was a really helpful read! Thanks for explaining everything ❤

  3. Most people are surprised when I say that we still don’t have a microwave at home. But given the fact that it can be very useful I have been getting tempted to buy one soon. I shall keep these tips in mind as I will be one of those new users who really doesn’t have much idea about microwave usage.

  4. I am going to buy a microwave and mean time your post arised.. Very helpful ..i will keep in mind the cautions you have mentioned… Never heard that we shouldn’t boil water in microwave… Thanks for all the information..


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