Home is our happy space, don’t we all not desire to own our dream house where we can unwind after a hard day or to celebrate some happy moments. Creating memories to last for a life. What space is better than your own abode? We desire that after a long day at work we return to our home, take a hot shower bath, indulge in hot food and then sit for a while in the favourite corner of the house before retiring to our own cosy bed. Easier said than done getting your own home is not easy it is a herculean task. Thus the very basic necessity of life becomes luxury as we are all clueless. There are so many doubts pertaining to home
buying, decorating, location, features, facilities, mortgage, loan and more that it actually baffles us. We finally give up on our dream and it surely makes your heart cry.

We are not sure where to invest, how to invest, is the deal worth it, or most importantly how much should i save so as to buy a house without affecting the lifestyle. All these questions haunt us, we have the fanciest education system but are we ever taught about these details of life. No, the education system is all about theoretical education and not practical exposure. opting for professional help was possible only when I had a clear picture in mind.
My limited awareness and unlimited questions and fears made it difficult to even proceed with house search. At one point despite being financially stable and earning well I had given up my dreams and hopes to buy a new home and wanted to stay in any old rented space or a dormitory for that matter.


However, one does get wiser with age. Thus the realisation stuck to me that after I retire I would like to own a house so that tomorrow even if I am jobless, I have a roof on my head. I was panicked but then when there is a will there’s a way. I finally decided to do my bit of research. The present rented apartment is small and has no space where I can use my painting skills. Therefore I was sure of one thing: that I will move to a house which is spacious and I can paint during my free time. I somewhat had a clear picture in my mind regarding, location, size and other such details of the house. I then started to plan my expenses and start my savings. How to save and how much to spend is a decision that needs ample research.


Then a knight with shining armour came into my life with a mortgage calculator. With the help of a calculator I was able to get the figures which were earlier hidden and were giving me nightmares.


I can proudly claim that with Mortgage calculator UK on board my dream to own a house seemed much clearer as the figures with breakups and diversification regarding options are clear. The calculator is my mentor and confidant. I put myself in different scenarios and understand the workings and arrive at the figures. It saves my time and confusion which otherwise were giving me panic attacks. I put in the calculating variable including interest
rates, amortisation and down payment and am able to get the best value for me. The
mortgage calculator tells me how much I need to save. If I walk on the road as
recommended by the calculator then very soon I will shift to my dream home.




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