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As a mother of a 9 year old and a toddler, my first and foremost priority is a spotless, secure, and germ –free home. From sanitizers and disinfectants, tolemons, neem and camphor, I have tried everything to ward off germs from my home. However, there are still narrow corners and roof creases that I can’t reach, which are potential breeding ground for bacteria. Owing to this, I’ve constantly worried that my kids will catch an infection


crompton anti-bac led light,crompton lights,anti-bac lights,delhiblogger

However, recently I was surprised with a hamper by Crompton India, and my mind was blown by their latest breakthrough: Antibac LED Bulbs ;  an innovative way to keep homes germ-free, with little to no effort from your end.The first life-changing invention was the bulb by Edison, and the second, in the opinion as a doting mother of two, is the Anti- bac LED bulb!Let me tell you why: Not only do these LEDs provide visible light, but they also kill 85% of germs within 4 hours. The harmful germs include fungi and bacteria.

crompton anti-bac led lights, crompton lights, delhiblogger

Initially it was difficult to believe that there could be a product like this, but the brochure that came with the hamper helped me understand the working of the LED bulb and the scientific basis behind it. There was also a citation of a demonstration at the launch event,where in bacteria was killed ina petridish, under the continuous effect of theseLED bulbs. If you need more reasons to switch to these Anti- bac LEDs, here we go:

  • The bulb comes with an Envirosafe technology and is highly recommended by the Indian Medical Association.
  • It does not emit any UV/IT radiations, and this makes it safe for humans, pets, and food items.
  • Super- easy to install, you can put it up immediately even without a lot of technical know-how or muscle power.


Soha Ali Khan, the beloved Bollywood actress and a new mom, also recommends the product for a safer home. “Given that we are exposed to a lot of household and ambient germs indoors itself in today’s day and age, we now have an LED bulb that actually kills germs! I am fortunate enough to experience an innovation that is so beneficial to me as a consumer, as a parent and at the same time so very convenient for my home.”


The Anti-Bac LEDs provide continuous disinfection at no extra effort. It is also a cost effective way to kill bacteria, yeast, and build-up of mold, fungi, etc.


The product comes from Crompton and can be trusted completely, as the brand has been a household name for years, and hasbrought the best of products to our homes. Apart from the bulbs, the hamper also had a pack of wipes, a diffuser, a jute bag, spray bottle and a few more goodies. Each of them is a step towards a safer and healthier environment.


Kudos to the brand, I am now more relaxed about the hygiene standards at my home!






19 thoughts on “Germ Free Home with Crompton’s Anti-Bac LED

  1. Wow, wasnt aware about the fact that Crompton launched a bulb that keeps our house germ free. Perfectly written post to understand all the plus points of new launch… it seems to be a must have at every house…

  2. Maine bhi isko shyad ad me dekha tha, kitna accha hai na ab hum kitna safe ho gaye hain,
    Thanks for detailed review ??

  3. You can rub and scrub all you want but it is hard to get rid of every bit of bacteria. I really like the concept behind these disinfecting light bulbs that not only brighten the room but also help sanitize the area.

  4. LED bulb that kills germs was unknown until recently… you can’t ask for more if you are saving energy, it’s more eco friendly and it makes your environment more breathable.

  5. Never thought a bulb could help kill bacteria. Love the innovations in technology and kudos to Crompton to harness this technology in a right way.

  6. LEDs as disinfectants! That’s awesome. It’s easy to install and is great for the environment. This is brilliant.

  7. I absolutely agree with your statement that of Edison’s invention and this anti bac led are two life saviors. I hadn’t a clue about this brilliant invention until i read your post. Love it.

  8. It looks cost effective way to kill bacteria, yeast, and build-up of mold, fungi, i would like to buy this soon.

  9. Now that’s what I call innovation. How amazing is to have a bulb that would be anti bacterial while doing it’s obvious job. Thanks for sharing the review. Would get it soon.

  10. The anti-bac Lights by crompton are actually path breaker. Killing germs while illuminating place is actually very good and healthy lifestyle

  11. Wow! A bulb that keeps the room germ free! I must say modern technology has reached great heights! Gonna get one for my room!

  12. We generally worry about air pollution and germs outdoor but never really thought about the germs that are inside our homes. These bulbs are highly innovative and great idea to keep homes germ free.


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