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With so many places to visit and so many things to do, Haridwar is an iconic place to visit if you want to get an insight in the culture of India. Haridwar or HarikaDwar (gates to reach God). It is the most scared pilgrimage for Hindus and close to Delhi. Thus this Delhiblogger had to be there.


It was the most peaceful experience for me as there was nothing in this place except for divine aura, calm nature, and close connection to one Supreme power.

So on our car with my husband and kids we were set for our visit to this top tourist destination of the country situated in Uttarakhand. Apart from culture and religion seen at the ghats and temples, Haridwar has much more in store for the travellers.


The places that one must visit here are as follows:

Ganga Aarti- wake up early to visit the most divine aarti at the banks of river Ganges. The melodious amalgamation of chants and prayer bells, and the lights from the holy diyas, and the smell of incense sticks and camphor will leave you mesmerized. A number of priests indulge in prayers. The whole essence of aarti will leave you enchanted.

haridwar,ganga arti,haridwar ganga,delhiblogger

After the arti proceed to Har Ki Pauri, it is the most sacred spot of the town. It is the ghat where gangaarti takes place. After the arti you can take a local boat and cross the river it will detox your emotionally and spiritually. Taking a bath here will cleanse you of all your sins and help you attain Moksha and this is the reason of its being so popular for tourists from all parts of the world.


There is plethora of temples in this city and you should visit all of them. They will help you to connect with the Indian roots and help to understand the culture in a better ay. Starting with is the Mansa Devi Mandir, it is the most sacred temple and located at the BilwaParvat. It is a unique temple dedicated to Mansa Devi. It is believed that wishes of all the devotees are fulfilled here. As the temple is on the hill top you can either trek to reach here or simply use a ropeway.


Maya Devi temple is frequented by the tourists and is dedicated to Goddess Maya. It is believed that here the naval and heart of Goddess Sati fell. The temple complex exhibits modest architecture and structure but it has spiritual and cultural hues that you need to experience.


Another prominent temple of Haridwar is the Chandi Devi Temple. It is a famous tourist place not only for the Indians but also for the foreigners. The temple gives out an aura that will cast a spell on you. The temple is situated on the Neel Parvat of the Shivalik range and thus gives a splendid view of the mountains and lush green beauty.


Bharat Mata Mandir- the famous shrine of Haridwar where our beloved country India is worshipped as Goddess. Located near the river Ganges the temple is a eight storeyed complex. Apart from the temple the there is allopathic dispensary, diagnostic camps, cow shelter, an old age home and vedshala here that will leave you enriched and informed with information.



After the temples if you desire you can visit the Rajaji National park, as I was there with my kiddos and wanted them to experience the wildlife, we planned a day full of jungle thrill. The National park is about uninterrupted wilderness at its purest form. Some of the prominent fauna species are tiger, panther, elephant, bear, and barking deer. Besides, almost 400 bird species also live here, making the park a paradise for bird watchers.


Well after all the temples, ghats and wild life there is still much more to Haridwar that needs to be experienced. The local markets here are paradise for shoppers. Moti Bazar, Kankhal Market, Bara Bazaar, and Jwalapur Market. From clothes to food items, these markets have everything available for you. A stroll in these lanes will present you the old world charm with some great delicacies to treat your taste buds.

There are no words that can describe this city, you need to experience it for yourself.



8 thoughts on “Haridwar: The Places To Visit

  1. I feel sad to say that I have not yet visited Haridwar. I hope to visit it soon and I will bookmark this post for when I do visit.

  2. Visiting haridwar is on my list for sure.. This is just very informative post. Thank u for sharing.. Booking this one for further visit

  3. I used to live in Dehradun so have been to Haridwar 2-3 times. That instant relief you feel as soon as you step into the Ganga is indescribable.


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