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Finally you have understood the benefits of fitness and want to incorporate it in your permanent habit.  We all often hear that making exercise a habit is the best way to stick with it  but a million dollar question is how to implement this. You have multiple of options like hitting the gym or doing yoga, aerobics, zumba, pilates or just walking but how to get started and push it in your habit. There is no magical way  to do it. Slowly and gradually it will become your habit once you incorporate it your lifestyle.


There is a definite way to push the process along. There is a theory based on habit that states there is a habit loop and it is based on the simple principle that to make something as your habit it requires a three step process.


If you want to make fitness as your habit then train your brain to start thinking about it. Further select a reward that will function to motivate you. And finally start doing exercise and a clean eating diet and see the benefits and then do it consistently for some period to make it your habit. Yay you are in the habit loop it may take some 18 to 200 days to get it permanently as your habit.


Here are few tips that can help you to make fitness as a habit:

1. FORGET THE  “go hard or go home” MENTALITY- Hour long seat soaked workouts are great but every day strong grueling may not be possible when you are trying to make fitness as habit then it is very wrong. If you push your body too hard it will cause injury to your body and then making fitness as habit will all go in vain. Try with small 10 minutes workouts and gradually challenge yourself for something new and different everyday and be amazed to see the results.


2. STOP WAITING TO HAVE TIME- If you decide to workout when you have time you will never be able to workout. Make your workout regime as a priority and do at the time that suits you the best. Do not follow the stereotype that morning is the best time, the time that suits your time frame is best for you.


3. MAKE IT CONVINIENT- Join the gym or workout place near your home so that you can drop in whenever you are free. Also there will no extra time required to reach there and come back.


4. FIND YOUR PARTNER- If you want to make your workout time interesting and fun then join it with your friends. Having someone who will gruel with you and also chit chat will make the whole process more interesting and fun filled. Also it will add colors to your monotone workout regime and once you start enjoying it you will look forward to be there and thus it will be your habit.


5. FOCUS ON YOUR DIET- Set realistic goals for your diet and fitness goals. Do not compare yourself to any one as all are different. Focus on your performance than on your results and this will help in the long term to achieve your goal. Follow the diet that suits you and is easy for you to follow. Do not adapt crash diets as they will harm you and deter you from making fitness as constant in your life.

I hope the above points help you to make fitness permanent in your life but importantly be fit for your loved ones as you owe it to them.


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16 thoughts on “How To Make Fitness A Habit

  1. Love your post babe.. I think I am the person who gives excuse of not having time.. We all are busy but definitely have to take out time for healthy routine ?

  2. I always struggle to keep myself fit! I start working out and lose interest in a few days! Thank you so much for sharing this ?

  3. i am starting on a fitness routine and your points make so much sense! no one says its okay to do it at your own pace and that it can take upto 200 days for it to become a habit! that’s a big relief!


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