The cozy corner for my family and me in this huge world is our home. The house that we made home with our love and care and in return it gave us shelter, warmth, protection, a sense of belonging, and most importantly cherished memories. From the very beginning, I had a desire that for my family, my kids, I will dwell in a house that is comfortable yet high on style and hygiene quotient but most importantly, free from wall dampness. I like to have my house clean to the spick and span and no trace of germs to be found anywhere, no matter what. However, due to the hot and humid climate along with rains, it just develops  Wall dampness and more. Thus, making home maintenance a long, tedious task. It can be safely concluded that the most important feature of a house is not how beautiful it is on the outside but how well and of good quality it is inside.

The home with a strong interior:

Wall dampness and the issues arising due to them are pretty common and are often faced by most of us. If you ask any expert from the field of construction, their first instruction or tip will be creating a house that is safe from dampness and the fungus that could arise due to water leakage and seepage. Over the years the house goes through so much and as a result they wear and tear. The damage needs immediate attention. Along with the routine maintenance, waterproofing is the most urgent factor that needs to be taken care of.

What is waterproofing?

The signs of damp in a house can be an ugly sight and can lead to a wide variety of other problems. Due to dampness, there is moisture and water inside or outside the walls, ceilings, or floors. Dampness could result due to a variety of reasons. The dampness could be due to leaking pipes, broken or missing roof tiles, moisture from soil or the walls that could be porous. Initially, a small patch of damp may not be a matter of concern but if not dealt immediately and effectively, it could result in major problems affecting the look and health of the house and the members residing there. Issues like asthma, allergy, cough and cold occur due to dampness in the walls. Apart from the looks and health issues, it could also result in giving a damp and musty smell in the home. Molds will grow on walls or ceilings. The paint or wallpaper on the ceiling could chip off and increase the maintenance cost of a house. More than that, a house with dampness and watermark faces major fall in the price of the property and this could be a huge loss when one decides to sell or take a loan against the house.

Berger Home Shield Moisture Meter comes to the rescue:

The most beneficial use of technological advancement is made with the use of Berger Home shield Moisture Meter. On the basis of the readings of the meter the company offers customized solutions. This is such a cool feature as no house is the same and the amount of moisture trapped in the walls is not easily evident. Now, depending on the dampness in the home walls as detected by Moisture Meter, the company offers a solution. It is a great offering because not all house dampness are of the same type and extent. Having the same parameter of solution for all the homes will not serve the purpose as it will either overdo or underdo the required solution. The Moisture Meter will surprise you as the amount of dampness damaging our home walls is really heartbreaking. The wardrobes, wooden furniture, air quality, health of people residing and much more are affected by the dampness and thus needs to be resolved. The experts will advice you regarding the solution and how it will be beneficial for your home.

What is Berger Home Shield?

Berger Home Shield offers a wide array of home waterproofing and damp-proofing solutions for homes. The company has experts who work diligently to provide you with the best solution for your home. The best aspect is that they provide Express Painting service. Express Painting is the safest painting solution. With just a click you can book the service. After opting for the service, you can get your home waterproofed and painted to make it more beautiful. Moreover, the team follows the highest standards of hygiene and safety, so you don’t have to worry about anything!
Berger Home Shield is the best option for any home for the reasons that paints are toxin free and anti-allergic. The paint experts from Berger Paints offer customized solutions to all their clients rather than just giving an umbrella solution. The executives from the company complete the work efficiently and in the estimated time frame. Importantly, the paint work done by them lasts long and is a budget friendly option. For scientific waterproofing solutions for home interiors, SMS DAMP to 56767.



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  1. I have seen leakages that take away the shine of the houses. Irrespective of whether th construction is new or old, leaks are bound to happen..this seems lik a viable option. Will keep in mind while renovating my house.

  2. Berger paints is definitely doing a great work in providing ultimate satisfaction to the consumer.
    Berger paints have loads of competition in the market. Despite having so many competitors in the market, they are proving the end use kind of “PAINT GOALS”

  3. My home walls has lot of that Berger Home Shield offers a wide array of home waterproofing and damp-proofing solutions


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