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Every business owner wants to increase his or her efficiency. With the best and optimum efficiency, the business operates efficiently and thus the profits increase and wastage is reduced. There are several soft wares that help the businesses to grow and achieve this efficiency and land in healthy bottom line. Having and using the right software in your business it can bring a major difference in the functioning of business and that too for good. Good software helps your business to grow and flow in the positive direction. Thus here is some good software that can help you to take your business to another level:

Intuit QuickBooks- it is the best accounting software and helps you to have your accounts on fingers in its literal terms. It has many in build features that helps you to stay on top of your accounting and invoice. It can track income and expenses, also track the payroll and generate reports that can help you to assess how your company is performing. Importantly it is very user friendly and is also very responsive thus can be used from your mobile via an app, this helps you to access your accounts from anywhere with just a click.


Xero- it is another accounting software that is user friendly and can be used on both Android and            iOS. It has tools that will help you to see your business running. The best aspect of Xero is that it              is  highly functional without charging extra and this helps many people or your employees to use            the product without any extra charges. It also comes with a 30 day free trial option.


Geekbot- it is software that is like a slackbot assistant and helps the users to set up real asynchronous stand up meetings within slack. It helps your staff and employees to stay organized, up to date and aligned with the rest of the team, thus is greatly contributes to the team work. The best part is that it needs only a few minutes for the initial standup with the team. It is non-intrusive thus helps the employees to stay focused on work and perform better. For complex projects it further has the timeline management for each department.


Bitrix24- it is one of the business management software that is completely free. It has some 35 free tools like tasks, document management, project management, time management, collaboration, invoicing, CRM, shared calendars, company directory, PBX, HRMS and much more.


UserIQ- It is customer centric software, that is it helps you to be proactive about customer success and helps the user to develop an immediate understanding and connection with the product from the beginning. It helps you see where the users are getting stuck. NPS and custom survey helps in getting the customer feedback quickly. Thus it is software that is directly helping the business to grow as it deals with the users. It also provides a free trial option.

Using software helps to get the work done easily, efficiently, and smoothly. Thus grow your business and stay sorted with these software.



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