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PediaSure has been a part of my life since my elder kiddo turned two. Making the kids eat is a task, they may eat but getting the maximum nutrition from the food so eaten is still a question and owing to high levels of pollution in Delhi NCR I need to make sure that her immunity is good.

Finding a supplement that is good, not full of sugar and approved by a medical specialist is a task. But I started giving my daughter PediaSure after my child specialist recommended it to me.

After starting with this health mix, her growth has been great, her immunity has been better and I have seen her overall development. With the 37 essential nutrients in it along with carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals it is a delightful product and has been my savior. The cherry on the cake is that both the flavors of the health mix – vanilla and chocolate – are simply yummy.


During the summer months I serve the drink cold and during the chilly winters it becomes the soulful hot drink for them that they drink to the last drop. PediaSure when consumed regularly in the right quantity helps in height and weight gain as it contains Prebiotics and Probiotics, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Vitamin A, C & E. Apart from growth, it also supports brain development as it has these neuronutrients.

Not only this, the company has introduced new carton packaging that comes in with an interesting and fun-filled DIY activity for kids. The company has shifted from the plastic container to these carton packs. The DIY activity is captivating that your kiddo will love to do. Thus the kids love the drink and also the DIY activity on the box which surely #UNBOXGROWTH. Thus with a single expenditure I get double benefits of good health and enjoyment for my kids.

Are you giving Pediasure or some other health drink to your kids? Are your kids fussy eater and if yes what you give them to fulfill their nutrients requirement ?

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23 thoughts on “The All New Avatar Of Pediasure, With The Same Old Goodness. #UnboxGrowth

  1. I am too much loving this new avatar of Pediasure as it is so much engaging for kids with this fun activity !!

  2. My kids simply love Pediasure and I am a happy mommy because it builds my kids’ immunity and keeps them healthy. The DIY box is a great idea for us to spend quality time with kids and keep them away from gadgets for a while.

  3. Woww I give pediasure to my kid and I just can’t wait to buy the new pack with this creative activity to keep my kid engaged. This is a great news and it will unleash the creativity of many kids at the same time while they are get immunity too from this yummy health drink.

  4. #Pediasure was the first mik drink that i had introduced my kid with. He loved its flavour which i was skeptical of. He quickly adapted it’s taste and since then for 4 years he has clinged to this and now that it comes with a learning tool and with better packaging, its just like icing on the cake.

  5. I am giving Pediasure from the very beginning as a health supplement to my child and it has work well for his immunity. This new pack is even more exciting with the diy activity inside.

  6. PediaSure is a great way to keep kids engaged and healthy, the easy DIY activity is loved by my child too. She also enjoyed making the activity clock and showed it to all.

  7. Honestly I have never given any health drink to my kids and I prefer only homemade or natural foods to feed them with but this looks promising. I might give it a try

  8. We have been using this health drink since long now and now kids have all the more reasons to like it, given to the interesting DIY

  9. This new pack with DIY activity kits looks so interesting.Kids are love them.Healthy drink with creative ideas.Very nice review.

  10. I have heard a lot about this new version of Pediasure. They have made it so interesting and engaging for kids. I will recommend this to new parents.

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