Getting an instant loan is a herculean task that involves long processes, immense paperwork, and formalities. The process that involves taking loans from the traditional ways can be termed anything but instant loan. Poonawalla Finance Pvt Ltd brings a new day instant loan, which to its name is instant. Therefore stay tuned and get to know how to get instant loan from the Poonawalla Finance in the most instant way. The easiest and the most efficient way to get instant finance.

PoonawallaFinance Pvt Ltd is a non-deposit taking NBFC, has signed an agreement to offer a collateral-free special term loan scheme for the Chartered Accountants (CAs). The plan is outstanding and helps more than three lakhs CAs who are designated members of The Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI).

Features of the programs that makes it outstanding are as follows:

  • Sanctioned loans to more than 1500 CAs in the first month of the launch.
  • Scheme to offer Personal Loan and Professional Loan at attractive interest rate and zero prepayment charges.
  • The program targets to benefit over 3 lakhs Chartered Accountants all across the country.

The loan scheme is very promising and will help the CAs to overcome their financial disturbances that could have arisen due to Covid- 19 situation. The situation has led to rise of cash crunch in all sectors and lack of liquidity. Therefore a instant term loan in the situation of distress will be of great relief.

Abhay bhutada , poonawalla finance

Mr. Abhay Bhutada, MD and CEO, Poonawalla

What make Poonawalla Finance a league apart finance company?

Poonawalla finance has received applications for 4000 and it sanctioned a humungous amount of Rs. 150 crores to some 1500 Chartered Accountants in the first year of its launch only. The speed and professional attitude of the company with which it works has helped is to earn this reputation and achieve the milestone.

What makes the instant term loan so interesting?

The term loan has special salient features like its customized, tailor made scheme made with the intention of helping the CAs. The interest rates are very attractive, zero prepayment charges, 100% online digital processing, and also presents the option of waiving the existing loans of higher interest rates for these loans at lower rates.

All about the Poonawalla Firm:

Poonawalla Finance Private Limited is a part of the Cyrus Poonawalla Group that has a net worth of USD 11.4 Billion. It is a systematic finance non-deposit taking NBFC company.

The Poonawalla Finance had started its operations in April 2019 and has crossed INR 1500 crores of loans in the first year of its incorporation only. All due to its efficiency and systematic working it has becomes the most trusted and sought after NBFC in the country. The company has its headquarters in Pune. The company is empathetic and lends out customizable and simple digitally processed loans. The company has many online and offline ecosystems to meet the financial need of the individuals, professionals, ands the MSMEs. The company has the motive of facilitating them with loans so as to support them and in turn support the growth of the country’s economy. They focus on Personal, Professional, and Business loans to them to so that they can grow and in tough situations of Lockdown during the outbreak of virus their functioning is not disturbed.


The chairman of the company Mr. Adar Poonawalla believes that offering credit support to the MSMEs and professionals will help the country to progress. He is in the list of GQ top 50 influential young Indians. He is a passionate and makes relentless efforts to make the society a better place and help each individual to grow and achieve their professional goals.

Another esteemed member of the Board of Directors CA Abhay Bhutada. With exceptional quality and experience in the finance sector he has great insights for the growth of the economy and individuals. He is instrumental in making strategic decisions and is a very optimistic person.

Poonawalla Finance has a customer centric and relationship based finance model. They aim to help the individuals, professionals, and small companies to grow. They have a mission to create social impact and help in serving the financial needs of the consumers. The company believes in helping the individuals like the CAs and the professionals as the growth of the economy depends on them.



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  1. This special term loan scheme is really going to help a lot to every CA of this country with their easy set of guidelines!!

  2. This is nicely explained. Good thing is that everything can be done online and its 100 percent digital processing of loan. I like the concept of Balance Transfer.

  3. That’s a nice scheme for charted accountants. This post is really helpful for ca’s. balance transfer is really a great idea.

  4. This special loan scheme will definitely be helpful for the chartard accountants. I’m going to share your post to my sister as she’s looking for such schemes.

  5. In this difficult times, getting a loan approved is a mammoth task. Its good to know Poonawalla Fimance has come up with such really good schemes that suit individual needs.

  6. I lot of my brother’s friends are CAs… This is very well explained! I will forward this to my brother!

  7. Its soo good to see that poonamwala finance company has taken initiative to make CAs Life more better and happier.


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