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As mothers even before we actually hold our babies in our hand we are concerned about their health and well being so much so that a list of all the things that they will require as soon as they enter in this world. Hospital, doctor, food, clothes and diaper all are considered a through research is done before opting for any of the stuff that is associated to the baby. Diapers are selected after quite some analysis as rashes are the last thing that we would want our babies to get troubled with but hold on is it only the diaper that we need to consider for preventing rashes? The answer is no as much as wrong diapers are associated with rashes using wrong wipes could also do the same to your baby.

Beating diaper rash is not as easy as it sounds. We have a full proof plan from checking how wet it gets, getting the best and almost chemical free diapers, moisturizing and wiping the area still the issue of rashes appears to be there. With my younger one who is an active toddler diaper rashes were a major issue but then I found the India’s first water based wipes brand and since then what actually rashes are is unknown to me and my bub. If you are confused as how wet wipes can help in fighting rashes are then understand the science in it.

mothersparsh wipes,delhi blogger,baby wipes

Diaper rashes and baby wipes: diaper rashes has affected all the babies and has been cured also. Rashes are caused due to wetness or use of chemical products or simply using the extremely wet diaper for a long time. The chemicals harm and react to the babies soft skin and thus result in irritation causing the rashes. Now the wipes available are full of chemical and thus the goof up. But these water based wet wipes from Mothersparsh are a savior as they are clinically proven to be free from chemicals and thus safe for your babies soft and utterly delicate skin.


Mothersparsh is proudly India’s first ever water based wipes brand that is made of 98% water and is 100% bio-degradable. The wipes have been made after through research about the needs of babies. They have been made under the expert supervision, hypoallergenic and are absolutely natural product free from all harsh chemicals. The wipes have proved their worth for being suitable for newborns. They have been made in accordance with the health standards and is of ingredients that clean your baby gently without causing any irritation, uneasiness or allergy. This fact about Mothersparsh has been proven in the clinical studies.

mothersparsh wipes,baby wipes

The mothersparsh wet wipes are alcohol free and parabens free. The wet wipes have excellent pH balance and thus keeps the babies skin hydrated and soft. It has the goodness of Vitamin E  and aloe vera that is best for your babies skin. Age old practice has been cleaning the babies from cotton cloth and water and the same concept has been used in making the wipes. Cotton wet clothes cannot be used as they are not sterilized and are not suitable while on the go but Mothersparsh is made in utmost clean and hygienic conditions and comes in travel friendly package so can be carried anywhere and most importantly all these advantages of the water based wet wipes will not dig a hole in your pocket.


Thus be aware and make and informed decision regarding the wipes that will be used on your babies soft and delicate skin.





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