Today on the occasion of women’s day I feel so honoured to share something about a woman who inspire me in many ways. In this article I am sharing about one of the influential woman SHRIMA RAI who was a popular model , she  won the coveted Mrs. INDIA GLOBE title in 2009. Today She is one of the well known face on Instagram where she shares  about lifestyle ,fashion and Parenting. Along with her work she is beautifully balancing her home and two wonderful sons.
So, let’s start
Hi Shrima,first of all thank you for taking out time to answer my questions. 
Firstly we would love to know about your early life, education and family ?

I was born in Mangalore and moved to the United States early in my childhood though my parents always kept us rooted with Indian culture being traditional Mangloreans. I have learned Bharatanatyam and always loved to perform. I have a Business Management background for worked with Standard Chartered Bank for several years before blogging. I married and settled in Mumbai and Aditya has grown up in Mumba itself.

Shrima, you are inspiration to many but today we want to know who is your inspiration ?
I am easily influenced by strong role model woman who broke the rules and made it big, who broke stereotypes and encourage other woman..too many to really name one. But Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce to Mother Teresa, Huda Beauty to name a few and they all are so different yet so powerful.
Shrima Rai, Shrima Rai Instagram
How motherhood changed your life ? What tips you want to give working moms /work from home moms ?
Motherhood changes EVERYTHING. I think it’s not easy to pursue a career without support once you have to run a home and manage kids. Sometimes that support can be from family or friends and if not hired good staff to take over some of the work load so you can focus on being your passion. It can’t be done any other way, a little support goes a long way. Also being very organised helps.
Today you are very popular on Instagram, you are one of my favorite mommy blogger. How do you manage your social media life along with your kids?
I manage 3 different schedules on a daily basis. I Have my own, plus  the boys who are both 5 years apart and in different schools. I think I try on a daily basis to work around their schedules vs the other way around. As long as they are priority, the rest just somehow has to fall into place. I try my level best everyday but I will admit  it is challenging and a lot of work. They are very involved in my social media so that also makes it a little easier.
Your message for new influencers, bloggers and brands.
For new influencers, remember to start influencing for the right reasons and be conscious of your unique content and value it. For Brands, be conscious of the strategy and how the story of your brand is being portrayed with each campaign and blogger.
Thanks Shrima ♥️


6 thoughts on “Women’s day special- An interview with Shrima Rai

  1. Well! I feel oprah winfrey is an inspiration to many. She really inspired many.

    After reading this conversation, the first thing I did was to check out her insta page. That was a really nice page.

  2. Great to know about someone who is so inspirational. Happy Womens day to all the wonderful ladies. Loved the final message though.


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