My father always told me that the first visible thing that everyone notices in an individual is their shoes. Be it men, women or kids; this rule is applicable for everyone. Thus, despite being dressed in the finest clothes and wearing the most expensive perfume, it is the shoes that grab the attention.


The theory mentioned above is very well applicable to kids shoes as well. It is important for their health and growth that they play and explore. I make sure that my girls play different sports and games to enjoy their time while developing their personality and grow strong emotionally. Games help a person grow emotionally and physically strong as it makes them aware that winning and losing is part of the same coin. If you lose a game, then gearing up and improving yourself is crucial. Also, I try teaching them that if you win then also it is important that you stay humble and let not that winning strike make you arrogant.


The best gift and the best way to pamper our children these days is by getting them the best kids shoes for playing. I make sure that my little angels get the best footwear while they are playing. The reason is pretty simple. I want to assure that their legs and feet are protected and they don’t hurt their foot or nails while playing. The brand that I can swear by with kids shoes is Mochi Shoes. It offers the best kids shoes that are so comfortable and stylish that even an adult will fall in love with them. The beautiful designs can melt any parent’s heart, as they did to me.


The best kids shoes that they can wear for different activities are:


  • Ballerinas
  •  Loafers
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
  • Slippers
  • Boots

Image credit- Mochi shoes


Why do kids shoes play a crucial role in life?


When we talk about kids shoes, I believe that selecting or buying the ones that suit different occasions or activities is crucial. This is because most kids do not like wearing different shoes every day. That is why I recently bought two pairs of kids shoes from Mochi Shoes for my daughters that can be paired with every outfit they wear. The best part about these shoes is that they can be worn while playing, going to school, or while visiting a close relative. My daughters are in love with their shoes and roam around in them almost the entire time when they are awake.


A well-fitted shoe provides comfort to the kids and provides a cushion to the heels and knees that they can absorb shocks and keep the feet protected in the long run. It maintains the structure of bones of shoes. Thus the need and importance of kids shoes are more than being an accessory; it is an integral part of the wardrobe that has both functionality and aesthetic appeal.




7 thoughts on “Pamper your child with the best kids shoes for every activity

  1. You are so right–shoes really.make or break an impression. I have seen Mochi in shops but now I will look at them properly. And will recommend this brand to friends with small children.

  2. These are really elegant, trendy, and nice shoes for kids. When it comes to kids, comfort is of paramount importance, and this range of footwear seems to have all the right parameters.

  3. Wow !! what a fantastic and different blog I got to read today. Yes, you are absolutely right about shoes being play a critical role in kids life. Also, I was really unware about so much varities. good stuff to read 🙂

  4. This is a good collection of kids shoes will go a long way in helping us ensure that child looks his or her best for every occasion. Great thoughts.


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