goa villa estate,goa villa

Is Goa only the locations no, it is much more than this. It’s a living dream a place that accepts you whole heartedly without any discrimination on your looks or background or age or even finances for that matter. This is a place that will always accept you with love and thus if ever I want a cozy corner for me then it is in this city of the world.  In one of my visits I happened to stay in a house from Goa villa estate  that was let out to the visitors and there I was showered with immense love and after the warm display of love I was all the more sure that city will have my cozy corner. A city that never questions you and accepts you for what you are. This city has something for all and just a few days will never be enough for this city. Having a property here from the Goa villa Estate will be dream come true.


goa villa estate,goa villa

As apart for the scenic beauty that attracts many, the beautiful destination has also become a hot favorite destination for investment also. The real estate market has witnessed immense growth and not only this even if you desire to spend your holidays in a surreal location then what better than a holiday villa in Goa. If you are looking fore your second home then Goa is the right option as it homes many Non Residential Indians and Person of Indian Origin along with Indians. People from the metro cities have also invested in property of Goa as they want to stay connected to the nature and enjoy the bliss of living in Sun, sand and sea. Also when you are not here in your Goa home you can easily rent it out and trust me you will always has steady income as all seasons are peak season here. Not only this if in later years you desire to sell the property you can easily do so. Needless to say it is a win –win situation if you have any property in Goa.


goa villa,goa villa estate,trip to goa

Look deeper, move inland and there is much more than sun and bistro to this small state of the country situated in the far west. This time apart from the beaches head for something unusual so that you have loads of memories and some real beautiful clicks. Here is the list of some must visit places of this city that is on holiday for 365 days a year.


Calungute beach- the largest beach of north Goa, and this is the most frequented beach of the city. This is popular with both domestic and international tourists.  The beach is full of life and vibrancy, people enjoying plethora of water sports over here. No wonder that it is the “ Queen of beaches” and much loved by all.


Fort Agauda- a well preserved 17th century Portugese fort. The adjacent 13meters high lighthouse is a must visit and the serenic beauty of the nearby location is a visual treat. The fort has been converted in to jail and happens to be the largest jail of Goa. The famous shoot of Bollywood movie has made the place all the more interesting and is in the bucket list for many.


Chapora Fort- again a few famous scenes from the Bollywood films have been shot here and this attracts so many visitors here. But apart from the shoot part the place itself is so beautiful and is in ruins but still has sensational views of the coastline from the top of the fort. The view has attracted enough of the photographers to capture the beauty of this place.


Basilica of Bom Jesus- the churches of Goa speak volumes of its rich cultural legacy. Built across centuries, these architectural beauties are sheer pieces of wonder. One of the most popular church is the Basilica of Bom Jesus. The mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier is preserved in this Basilica and this also happens to be an UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Cave of Pandavas and Arvalem Waterfall- in north Goa this 6th century Pandava cave complex and Arvalem waterfalls is a natural beauty at its best. The cave complex is divided in 5 compartments and the “linga” enshrined in the middle compartment has immense religious importance. Near to this spot is the Arvalem waterfall that has cascading waterfall down from a height of 50mts and is a sight to behold. There is a park nearby that also presents view to the waterfall with a lake at the bottom. Natura has blessed this place and it is nothing less than visual treat to be here in this place.

thus I dream to have a property in this city where there is fresh pure air that is full of surreal beauty.



13 thoughts on “An Exotic Trip To Goa With Goa Villa Estate

  1. Goa to kisi k bhi dream destination hoga, aur waha villa to सोने पर सुहागा hai
    Agar paise ho to ye investment sabse best hai ??

  2. Nostalgic to read your post. I love Goa. And having your own property gives you the leisure of living as much as you want without worrying about the hotel expenses. The cottage looks so cozy.


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