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I love shopping, and there is no reason or season for me to shop. I shop because it is simply a part of me. It is something that helps me to relax and rejuvenate. It is not only material shopping that attracts me but even window shopping is cherished by me. Off lately my work as a blogger and mom of two kids one who is 8 year and the other a toddler have kept me away from my passion. Still, if I manage to get some time off either the heat or the distance that has to be traveled to reach the shopping paradise deters me from heading towards my passion. 


I firmly believe if you love something you pave the way to reach there, and so I also came across these beautiful site of Rosegal while I was simply surfing on the net. I used the search engine and asked for recommendations for sheer blouses and reached this site. Being on top of the search engine itself spoke about its popularity. And then when I clicked on the site I was treated with beautiful designs that entered my heart,  see more details about their collection. Beautiful designs, edgy style, clear cuts, best color combinations, in best material or fabric, simply stole my heart. The options were limitless and each option was the best. Western wear versatile in appearance and would suit women from all walks of life. The site has designs that is most definitely suitable for the women of today’s era. The blouses speak volumes about the elegance, confidence and classy taste that has been incorporated in each of its masterpiece creation.

rosegal, delhiblogger , blouses, online shopping

rosegal, tops, blouses, delhiblogger

Price: Cherry on the cake was that they had large options even in size that is from small to extra large. The blouses were reasonably priced and there were certain beautiful pieces that were in trend as per the season and were on sale. They were cost effective as the site offered free shipping, and what else could one ask for. Going by the reviews of the already buyers the site offered exactly the same pieces as shown online. Also they took only 5 business days to deliver the products.

rosegal, online shopping, delhi blogger, tops

rosegal, delhi blogger, online shopping ,tops, dresses

Overall rating: The website was responsive and it was complete fun to vouch the site. I did select a few pieces that I world like to have in my wardrobe. Overall rating to this site will be 5 on 5 as good quality stuff of latest fashion at reasonable prices are rare to be found. The site offers deals and outfits that appear to be out of some high end glam magazine but are wearable. Trust me once if you shop from rosegal it will become your go to shopping arcade for all your requirements of blouses.




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