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Today nobody wants to sit idle and we all desire to use our time constructively. It is important we all keep ourselves busy so that you are happy and away from depression. It is aptly said that empty mind is the house of devil and thus keeping you occupied all through the day is important and if this extra time is spent on some business which generates a income then it is just fabulous. In today’s world the expenses are soaring high and the income to fulfill those needs are limited. Thus a woman can start some business and generate revenue in her free time but always remember to sign an agreement to  avoid any kind of risk ,check consulting agreement template for further information .

 Here are few ideas for business from home:

  • Crèche for kids- woman by nature have the motherly instincts so opening a crèche for kids is something that will come naturally to you. The business will not need much of investment as it can be started from your own home just a few toys and books for the kids will be needed. This way if you have your kids even they will be taken care off and business will flourish with the word of mouth. Install a CCTV camera and start your business.


  • Paying Guest- if your house is in area where there are college and students are often in need of good PGs then this is your call. In the extra space of your home accommodate them with basic facilities and get good income generated. If you want you can provide them food additionally for which you can charge extra income.


  • Tiffin system- the aroma of home cooked nutritional food cannot be compared to anything. Thus start your home tiffin system, with the word of mouth the business will flourish and in no time you will be famous. If you want to expand the options are limitless you can try for corporate orders or for parties that are happening around you.


  • Handicrafts- if you are the artistic types then this your domain. Get started with handicraft business. The demand is immense and you will get time for your hobby and nothing better than this. International market has immense demand for such things so if you join the online forum your products will be sold in no time. For the school kids also you can make the craft projects or their costumes for fancy dress competition.


  • Writing work- if you have flair for writing then make this your business. Online projects for content writing or story writing is highly in demand. You can join companies and handle they’re writing work and can do it from home. Also start your own blog or website and earn through your writing skills.


  • Natural products- as more and awareness is being created for natural, homemade, chemical free and cruelty free product the demand of such cosmetics or toiletries that is made of good quality and in hygienic conditions there too much of growth prospect in this market also. From home you can start your business for these products and see your business growing in just few months.

The idea is to grow and at the same time be available for your kids and home. Thus start your business from home and utilize your free time and also attain your economic freedom.



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