A theme park in Greater Noida called Mastii zone has Snow Masti, a village of Snow Villains that will just make your heart go crazy with the unlimited fun that it has in store for you. It will make a heart in your place with naughty antics and lineaments that it offers you. It is one of its kind and truly amazing Indoor Real Snow Fall Theme Park, situated in Great Venice Mall. My family and me treaded to this fun filled snow park and we simply had a blast there so much so that it is in our to go list again. Snow park is definitely one of the India’s leading snow theme park which is open for the people of Delhi and NCR who are seeking adventure and off beat excitement.

What all was there?
Well who does not love snow, the mere sight and the feel gives immense happiness. My kids were uber excited to go there and the kid in me and my husband were the most excited to be there. This was for all good reasons as in a safe environment we could snow and the cherry on the cake was that too in our own city.

Snow mastii, mastizone Greater noida

Snow for us meant throwing snowballs at each other and making a snowman, but the snow park was much more than that. We had a gala time there as the snow was fresh and the place was well maintained. The courteous staff helped us a lot . The management provided jackets, hoods,socks ,gloves  and special gear to keep us warm in -12 degrees . Snow play, live snow fall, Ice-skating, snow boarding, snow sledging, ice sliding and much more could be enjoyed with your family. There was photographer out there to click us and thus we did not carry our cell phones yet have memorable pictures from the spot.

Mastizone –  

Gaming zone is all about games for all ages. It has wide array of game and some of the finest games. Get your card, swipe and play it is simple and fun. It has video games, tor redemption games, VR games, cricket zone, and so much more. After the games you earn tickets and get it redeemed for gifts. It was an area full of fun, giggles and happiness.

After all the fun in the snow zone there was much more in the mastii zone to help you distress and get your kids some more doze of fun. The best place to chill out with your friends and family. This entertainment place has so much to it like play area for kids, Trampoline park, Flying Fox, House of Dead7D movies, gaming zone, haunted house, bowling alley, and zip zone.

Ticket price mastii zone greater noida, ticket mastiizone

The trampoline park here gave us bouts of laughter and being on the biggest trampoline of the country was thrilling. We had the best time there and the venue was worth for the money charged. The place was full of fun and it is perfect for the family and all the members irrespective of their age.

After this we proceeded to zip line, which was full of adventure as you could go to and fro ride across the mall. Fully protected, equipped staff and with top notch equipment experiencing zip line was the best thing to be done at the mall. Well this was not all we did flying fox, which is a different way of zip lining. Here you fly like a bird, thus your childhood dream of flying like a bird will be fulfilled here.

As you enjoy your while there you can safely keep your child in the care of child care there in their soft play zone, this was a wonderful thing. Even if you desire to explore the mall keep your kids here in the safe custody and enjoy your time in the mall.



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  1. This looks to be a great place to visit and take kids along. I am sure I would have more fun than my little one here. I love snow… surely visiting.


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