Credit Score helps you to get loan and thus fulfill your desires to purchase things. Banks grant loan on the basis of your credit score. The higher the points the better are chances of your getting the loan. As per a survey in the year 2014 more than 34% of all Americans they had a subpar credit score that measured 620 points or less. This implied that their financial position was bad and thus their purchasing ability was strained. However till date the situation remains the same.

However the silver lining in this bad trend is that financial markets try to correct themselves if enough time is allotted. At the same time if the consumers also try to improve the credit score, the buyers try to improve their credit score. Bad credit score is a number that shows your spending habits. This figure helps the lenders to pay attention on your pay stubs, assets, and other aspects of financial independence. The credit score is connected to your purchasing power in the same way as good college degree can get you good job. Thus if you are in the average or above average rank you will definitely be successful in getting the loan. This is the process on which the lending depends. Thus the ones who run credit checks use them as the first measure to check your previous debt repayment pattern. It is the numerical value that assesses your skill in case of money management. Thus if you have had bad history you will not be granted with loan.

How to overcome bad credit?

It is for sure that bad credit score is not a positive thing or number and thus should be avoided at all costs. If you have had a history of bad credit score you need to now improve it. There are ways that can help you in increasing your credit score and be eligible to get the loans. The magical number here is seven as the debts fail in seven years and do not cross the level but if you want your credit score to improve before this magical number then here are the tips:

Consolidation of loans- these are also known as bad credit loans and is a financial instrument that is used to reduce your credit utilization, therefore with lower interest payments and more offer at access. Bad credit is a result of credit card utilization, debtor claims and declined applications apart from this several other factors are there but these are important ones. Thus improve your utilization of debt and claims of debts.


Credit card utilization implies that use less that 35% of overall limit. This will slowly lead to builds the trust of creditors because of on time payments, minimum credit utilization and few spending. If one goes beyond 35% the credit score can become bad.

Also the consolidation of loans will improve and make it easier to make monthly payments as their will be single payment each month and the balance of each credit card at a different rate will not have to be entertained.


Thus gradually the credit score will become better and if you take the help of an experienced attorney the process will speed up, be convenient and also produce good results.

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  1. This is such a detailed post explaining bad credit score in a lay man language…before this I could not understand it properly

  2. Living on credit is pretty bad practise and then getting into bad credit is even worse. I sometimes hide my credit card so that i dont end up using too much!

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