Jul 02

Mothersparsh 98% Water Wipes Review

A baby is a bundle of joy. A baby is loved by all and everybody who comes across them just wants to snuggle them be it the family members or outsiders. Everybody simply loves them but they are also delicate at the same time and they need to be protected from all sorts of germs […]
Mar 04


Exams are round the corner thus it means that you need to gear up to work hard and work smart. To accomplish anything it requires a combination of inspiration and perspiration. The kids are under pressure and parents are also equally in pressure. However due to pressure that the kids face before the exams they […]
Dec 15

Things That Every Parent Must Know About School Before Their Kids Admission

The first most important decision is to have kids and then there are several small decisions to be made concerning them. However the second most crucial decision is deciding the school for them to enroll in. A right decision could put them on the path toward lifelong learning, a prestigious college, successful career and most […]
Dec 10

The Honest Boy

Last week , there was a meeting in my office and I came late to home around 9 pm . When I was on my way I stopped car on a signal where I saw a child in front of the bill board who was sitting alone on the ground , had a shirt on […]
Dec 05


My best friends daughter is a 3 years old kiddo, and she has been taking her for play dates at my place, since she had just learnt to crawl. Thus she must feel like home at my place but nothing of this sort happened. After playing for a few minutes she returns back to the […]

How to keep child disciplined in public places

“Last week when  I went to the toy shop with my daughter, there was a kid aged  4-5 years, he was asking his mother  for a toy and when his mom refused he started crying blatantly and was wallowing on the ground … I saw his mother’s face, she was very embarrassed”      It […]