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The scorching summer heat can cause a heat stroke or sun stroke even in a healthy person. The heat from sun just extracts away all your energy and leaves you feeling exhausted and lethargic. It could result in extreme case of dehydration and cause Sun stroke or heat stroke. Sun stroke can easily progress in illness that can keep you sick for long time. It leads to a very serious issue and may require hospitalization.

A strong message is stich in time saves nine, thus rather than going for the cure let us focus on the home remedies that can cure sun stroke. Sun stoke is common for the months of summer. However before resorting to the remedies the symptoms of sun stoke should be understood.

What causes heat stroke?

The fluid content of our body maintains the temperature of body during the hot weather conditions. The body emits sweat to release the excess heat and cool down when it is exposed to hot temperature for long duration of time. When the body loses sufficient fluids we experience sun stroke and extreme case of dehydration. This is serious situation and easily lead to life threatening case whereby the temperature of body can rise up to 105 degree Fahrenheit and could lead to neurological damage. Exerting in hot temperature can result in sun stroke.


Signs of heat temperature:

1) High body temperature

2) Nausea and vomiting

3) Weakness and lethargy

4) Muscle or abdominal cramps

5) Flushed skin and headache

6) Lack of sweat or sweating heavily

7) Increased heart rate


In adverse situations sun stroke could result in coma, thus to save from this situation or any mild discomfort here are few home remedies for it:

1) Onion juice- One of the best remedy for treating the sun stroke. Suggested by ayurvedic practitioners, and most aptly to be called as the first remedy for sun stroke. Applying onion juice behind the ears,on feets and palm ,on nails  and on chest can bring the body temperature down. One could also consume roasted onions with cumin seeds and honey to combat the heat, or simply consume raw onions as a part of diet to deal with the heat.


2) Tamarind drink- Tamarind is not only yummy but also fully loaded with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Soak some tamarind in boiling water, strain it and mix with sugar. This decoction is known for lowering the body temperature, and also helps to treat the digestive disorders.


3) Aam Panna- Traditionally all the household used to consume this one drink just with the onset of summers. A yummy drink with health benefits. Consuming it twice of thrice daily can help to fight the effects of heat. This drink is flavored with spices like cumin, fennel, pepper and black salt, these provide energy and electrolytes that is lost due to sun stroke. Also applying boiled raw mango on head can provide the needed cooling effect.


4) Plums- Plum is rich source of antioxidants and has hydrating elements. It provides soothing benefits in case of inflammation that is caused due to sun stroke. Soak it in water and mash it. Consume it as a remedy for sun stroke.


5) Buttermilk and coconut water- The two drinks will replenish the system with essential vitamins and minerals that are lost due to excessive sweating and thus protect from dehydration.

6) The soapnut remedy-  Another easy and age old method that has been a part of my life since my childhood. A simple way to combat the effects of sun simply take a tub and fill it with water, add soapnut (known as reetha in hindi) to it and let it get soaked. Just when you return from Sun dip your feet in this water and see the magic of theses little nuts as they cool down you.

At last, Consuming water is the key to good summer health and cutting out the consumption of alcohol and caffeine will prove to be the biggest blessing. Enjoy the summers and get sun kissed and follow the above..

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23 thoughts on “Beat The Heat, In An All Natural Way

  1. Today while taking my daughter home from school at 1pm, I kind of felt dizzy. I think its because of the unbearable heat. Thanks for sharing this article. Will definitely try to keep myself hydrated

  2. The best to me is aam Panna, today I realized the sun was scorching when I went to drop my son for his hobby class. Shall make aam Panna and make my kid drink before starting .

  3. Aam panna is my favorite summer drink. It is really important to drink ample amount of water in summer.

  4. Definitely want such knowledgeable post in this summer. Never knew this benefit of onion juice. Thanks for sharing

  5. Really great tips to keep ourselves protected from summer heat! You explained everything really well! Thanks for the post!


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