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The proverb “ united we stand divided we fall” holds true in every situation of life. In the recent times we were stuck with devastating floods in our God’s own country. If ever you have blessed to experience the beauty of this land, you will agree to the mystic beauty of this place. It was unfortunate to see how the beautiful state was left at the mercy of the rains and the floods.

My friends have visited the place and they have described the beauty of this place. Even in the movies there are scenes that have been shot here so, could actually revisit the place again in my minds. Swimming in the Arabian sea, tea of Munnar, bird watching in Kumarkom, boat festival, the poised and fun filled celebration of Onam, the beauty and enthusiasm of snake boat race, the spices from the garden, elephant bathing in Kodanad, houseboat of Allepy, the back waters, shikara ride at the Alappuzha. It attracts the tourist from the country and even it sees visitors from far off lands, thus earning huge revenues for the nation. The land is beautiful and different religions are practiced here yet the literacy rates are high. The Fort Kochi holds the charm of the foreign settlers who settled here after the beauty and simplicity of this land touched their hearts. The people are simple and the fisherman of the state in spite of the dangers and hardships that life has given them always have a smile on their face. It is a soul touching place and definitely it could be said that it was one place for all.


However with teary eyes I wake up to the realties of the present day and as the floods gushes in the town and has harmed the property of the place, but could not affect or dampen the spirit of the state or the Love that we have for this state. The effects of flood are as follows:

Kerela is facing the worst floods of the century and over 350 have died in the floods.

  • About 14 districts are badly flooded. The loss and damage caused to the property is massive, but the spirit with which people are trying to cope up the situation is remarkable.  About 100,00 buildings have been destroyed, and 10,000km of highways have been wrecked. The hands and souls that themselves need help are extending it to others.
  • The food morsels that are limited and being shared with hope and smile on face. Hectares of crops have been washed away.
  • The GDP of the state is expected to fall for the financial year, thus the overall growth and progress will be affected.
  • Not to forget it has 10 IT offices with 200,00 employess so the work is hampered and the projects will be shifted to other offices but they are bound to get delayed.
  • Onam attracts lots of tourism but this year the plans have been ruined and income from the celebrations that was expected to be earn will be lost.
  • People have be dislocated, families have lost their dear ones, and emotional loss is too traumatic to be even described in words.


At the tough times people from different walks of life are supporting Kerela not only monetarily but also emotionally. This year any state of India or even in the foreign lands did not celebrate Onam, rather all the funds were directed towards Kerela. India had just celebrated Rakshabandhan but the celebrations were not extravagant and the business that was earned during this celebration has been contributed for the relief work. Is this not what brotherhood means. All the countrymen including the kids have come forward to extend their support to the devastated state. People have left their relief work and have moved to help their counterparts in the state. The ways in which we could in our small way help the state:

  • contribute via the option paytm.
  • Contribute with the help of amazon
  • Various charitable institutes, are collecting donations and then diverting it to Kerela.
  • Schools are also asking for donations to send it to kerela
  • Contribution to Chief Minister’s relief fund can also be made.
  • Goods like clothes, food grains, mosquito repellent can also be sent with the help of NGOs.


The floods brings tears to my eyes but the spirit with which we fought the situation gives me immense hope. A hope that even more beautiful and strong Kerela blooming like a flower will be constructed. Thus united we stand and in tough times it is rightly proved also.

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5 thoughts on “ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL: Let’s join our hands to help god’s own country Kerala

  1. I have recently visited Kerela in June this year, and it was so serene and calm but now things have changed. Hopefully things get better there.

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