May 17

Amazing Collection Of Jumpsuits From The House Of Zaful

As the summers had approached and the most awaited visit from my sister in law was expected. I wanted to gift her something unique that she would use and not simply pass on or keep it locked in her cabinet. To my rescue one of my friend suggested that I could gift her some dresses […]
Feb 05

Microwave Oven: Some Useful Tips For New Users

In today’s world we all are busy ,whether working or not we have plenty of tasks to complete with family and kids and  have very short time for cooking and eating but some gadgets make cooking super easy and time consuming MICROWAVE OVEN is one of them.
Jan 14

How To Make Fitness A Habit

Finally you have understood the benefits of fitness and want to incorporate it in your permanent habit.  We all often hear that making exercise a habit is the best way to stick with it  but a million dollar question is how to implement this. You have multiple of options like hitting the gym or doing […]
Dec 22

3 Stylish Ways to Wear Skirts and Dresses in Winters

Want to look super hot with the same summer attires in this cold winters !! Well, it just sounds like a big task but actually its way too easy. A little creativity and some magical tricks of mix-matching is all you need to transition your summer staples into a perfect winter wardrobe! All those online […]